Monday, August 10, 2009


Several people have emailed me recently with their comments about my blog, saying how much they liked it. I REALLY appreciate the feedback, but it would be nice to have the comments posted in this site, not in personal emails.I know that some of you are reluctant to post in a public site or in someone else's space, but it is great to share your thoughts with others who may be feeling the same way as you do.

 When you participate in a discussion, you are helping to make it circular... a Wheel. All stories are sacred, yours included. They have value to me and others. In Shamanism, stories shared from a place of wisdom, of lessons learned, are precious treasures that others can learn and benefit by.

Just go click on "comments" below the story that interests you. Don't be shy to participate. I value your input. This is a step for me towards a new phase in my life. I plan to go public with my stories, working on a book which I hope to publish in the near future. It will be about my many experiences on the Shamanic path of initiation. 

This blog is my way of opening up to the world at large. These stories are just glimpses of my life, there is much more to share. 

So please come dance with me on the Sacred Circle of Life, come share your beauty, abundance, insight and wisdom of your life experiences, as my friend Meadoe did in the "Garage Sale and Butterfly Lady" Post.

I look forward to doing more circles with all of you!
With Love and Gratitude,


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