Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Butterfly doesn't change overnight...

It takes time to go through the stages of metamorphosis. 

Some are in the catepillar stage,slowing crawling along nose to the ground.  

Some are silently dissolving and transforming in the miraculous process of death and rebirth inside their cocoons. 

Others are slowing unfolding their wings and letting them dry in preparation to take flight...  

are free from the bonds of their past and are off enjoying the nectar of the flowers and dancing on the wind, knowing that their life is too short to waste on worldly concerns.... Their beauty and joy the reward of their long, arduous journey towards wholeness.

There are many changes going on... along with the ongoing shifting of the planet, we are all in the journey to our own wholeness. Each one of us at a different stage....

Every day we shape-shift into something else as the unknown reveals itself just as we take the next step in faith, with Spirit guiding our way. 

We alter our course accordingly...

We are in the days of the butterfly - metamorphosis.

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Monday, November 5, 2012

Ghosts and Unresolve

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hypersensitivity & Collectivity

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Warriors of Today

As we come to the end of the Warrior Wind, it is good to reflect upon the experiences that we lived this past month. In Shamanism we look at Roles and Winds as one and the same with a small discrepancy. The Winds are cosmological influences that blow our way, changing on every New Moon. They influence us all on a collective level.  The Roles are that we as humans embody. Our Roles show us the gifts or medicine that we use in our daily lives to survive and deal with life’s many challenges.

When we think of Warriors, we often conjure up images of the past... Aboriginal Braves, Mongolian, Vikings or otherwise – our Ancestors - but what about the Warriors of Today? We may think of those who are fighting in Afghanistan or other war-torn countries. But what about those Warriors that we see every day, those who work in the mundane world of commerce and labour positions? Look around you and you will see them by their actions or behaviours. In the past the Warriors fought to protect their people and territory, but they were also the hunters who provided the food for the tribe.

Just like our Ancestors, the Warriors of today need a cause to fight for, they need challenges that test their courage, strength and other skills. Some Warriors may be physically strong, others may be agile or quick on their feet or mentally alert. They may excel in sports and other physical endeavours or great at business endevours. They usually thrive on competition and like to win.

As in all Roles, there is a need for balance in the Warrior role. An imbalanced or dysfunctional Warrior can stir up a lot of trouble. They may end up looking for fights for no practical reason or found speeding along the highways cutting off traffic. They may become verbal or physically abusive.They can be aggessive and destruction, crude and rude. This misplaced energy could be put to better use, but today's young Warriors aren't schooled in the ways of the Peaceful or Spiritual Warrior.

At a dinner party recently a lively discussion soon turned into a heated debate. The topic was religion which is always a hot one at the best of times. But when people start arguing about who is right and who is wrong, defending their point of view to the end, it seems that the Warrior is acting out a battle of the will. In Shamanism, we allow different perspectives to be heard without making the others wrong. There are a minimum of thirty-six perspectives on the Wheel. If we negate one, we lose a stone on the wheel, which leaves an empty space, a vacuum.

Many wars have been fought over religion over the centuries by those who believe that their God is the one and only God. By trying to impose their beliefs on others, they are willing to kill, maim, rape, pillage and plunder. When they are questioned on their beliefs they get defensive and angry.

In today’s world, ideally, we want Warriors who will stand strong in their truth without imposing it on others, without wanting to hurt those who have different perspectives – different beliefs, ways of living, social customs or religious doctrines.

We want Warriors who will protect their loved ones, not abuse them. Warriors who work hard to provide for their families and loved ones. We want Warriors who are strong on all levels and use that strength in service to the needs of their collective - those who protect and defend the innocent, weak and the elderly. We want those who walk in balance and use their power to destroy, not to hurt but to destroy that which doesn't serve the highest good... in themselves first of all. 

We need parents and society to recognize the Warrior traits in their children and bring them up in a way that nurtures their skills so they become functional adults.

A strong Warrior will examine their own motives and be brutally honest with themselves about their weaknesses, imbalances and arrogance.  Warriors can be male or female, either way they have a huge task upon them to carry the burden of truth in a world where deception and lies are paramount. 

If you see someone who is a truth seeker, someone who has lots of energy and likes a good challenge, someone who doesn't beat around the bush to make a point... they probably have Warrior as a dominant Role. 

We are coming into the Peacekeeper Wind next,  and along with the Warrior, it has stirred up some strong passions in many. It is not the time to lose your head and go crazy. Take time to breath, to sit with things and find your truth without making others wrong. It is time to put an end to war and be Hunters, protectors and providers for the community. Warriors need discipline and humility as well as courage, stamina and strength. An arrogant Warrior is like a loaded gun with the pistol  cocked.

I am in awe of the Warriors in my community; the men and women who work long hours of physical or mental labour, those who are strong in their truth and speak up when they see lies, deception or the abuse of power. They are the protectors of the community, defenders of truth. They go off to war every day in their jobs and bring home abundance for their families. They tackle challenges with vigor and don’t give up until the job is complete. We can all be Warriors at times when needed.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Turtle Gate

If I'm not online as much as usual, it is  because I am focusing on getting a  book written this winter. Life is short, time is speeding up and I am not getting any younger, so it is time to stop procrastinating and get that book out there!

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(The Turtle gate is about stories, archives and history).

Monday, October 1, 2012

Reaping the Harvest

This time of year often puts me in a state of reflection. The summer is over and winter is around the corner. Its an in-between time. The golden wheat fields and yellow leaves are calming to the eyes compared to the vitality of the green growth of summer. It's time to reap the harvest, prepare the yard for winter as the days become shorter. The geese are flying  back and forth practising their formations, preparing to migrate. Change is in the air. 

 It is odd to have the New Moon of Welcoming in the autumn this year. Birth and death happening simultaneously! 

The Woman's Moonlodge on Saturday was profound and beautiful. We wrote letters to ourselves from the Goddess and did a rebirthing ritual. Tears rolled down my cheeks as the words on paper poured out from somewhere deep inside, words that were tender and loving. After the rebirthing we wrapped the women in shawls of protection. They looked so vulnerable, childlike, peaceful and beautiful.

Then today I attended a sweatlodge ceremony. It's been a long time since I've gone but it seemed right seeing as we are starting a new Moon cycle with the Moon of Welcoming. To go into a sweatlodge is to enter the Womb of Mother Earth and be reborn. Inside they close off all the light. We sit in complete darkness  and pray as the water is poured on the Grandfather stones and the steam washes over us. We smoke the sacred pipe and pray for all our relations. I always feel so good after doing a sweat. 

I was impressed with the devotion of the Sweatlodge keepers. It is a lot of work to gather the right stones, get wood and chop it up, prepare the fire and heat the stones so hot that they are glowing. Then they bring them into the center of the lodge with such respect and sacredness. The lodge itself is a lot of work to build. Then there are the songs, the prayers, the pipe ceremony....

I was upset to see that the Sweatlodge keeper was sick.  There are not enough people on the reserve helping out. The ones that come to sweat don't come to help. It seems to be a theme lately. How much do we take and how much do we give back? How much do we take for granted the leaders that work so hard to keep the sacred ways? His own people are being competitive, jealous and negative towards him. I am sure that has an effect on his health. It is not the first time that the medicine people are persecuted. I heard of another sweatlodge keeper up north who was given a hard time by the community. It's been an ongoing theme throughout history.

At a workshop on the coast last month, I was critisized by some of the Natives there. They judged me because my ways are different than theirs. They say that I am doing the wheel all wrong. Why do people need to be competive and spiteful just because we do things different? Humans have created wars because of different beliefs. There is no one way to do the Medicine Wheel. The Wheel is always changing and evolving according to seasons, location, and cosmology. Why do people get so stuck in their way when change is a natural occurence, a natural law? The world would be a boring place if we were all the same. The Age of Aquarius is about celebrating our differences and loving everyone the same.

This evening we sat around the fire outside by the abundance wheel.... adding more sacred objects to it and praying for all to reap a bountiful harvest. I wish that everyone could get their lessons and know their gifts and be happy with what is given to them instead of comparing themselves to others. We would all be so much happier.

As I reflect upon my summer, I am so grateful for so much, I learned so much.... 

I attended a family reunion and learned that just because we are blood kin, it does not necessarily mean we are meant to be together. It doesn't make sense to visit once every four years then never talk in the meantime and say we are family. The world today has put distance between families because we can travel and move pretty well anywhere. We need to find the people that we can relate to and want to be with as a result. It's not a bad thing. In a way, it is helping us to find our spiritual families. I wouldn't have found my teachers and my wolf pack if I hadn't traveled so far from home.

This summer was loaded with adventures and travel starting with my road trip around Alberta to research dinosaurs. Looking at life from a perspective of millions of years sure changes how you view things. It makes me feel small and insignificant. It also helps me let go of so much knowing that humans are such a small part of the bigger picture. We are not in control as much as we would like to think..

The Blue Moon gathering with our teachers in Quebec was so phenomenal that many of us are having trouble finding words to express what we lived. I am still sitting with it all....

It was great to visit my son in Vancouver and finally meet his partner, who I like very much. It makes me happy to see him happy! I wish the best for them!

The abundance wheel is helping me to see how much abundance I truly have in my life... 

Abundance is not just about money, it is a feeling of fullness and richness that comes from a life lived fully with an attitude of gratitude. a sense of adventure, a willingness to grow and face our lessons and challenges head on. It is the ability to really understand that life truly is a gift and to make the most of it, to do our best and leave the rest.

In the sweatlodge we give thanks for all the elements that came together to make it happen... the poles and the blankets that make up the lodge, the stones, the fire, the firekeeper, the sacred pipe, the ancient songs, the prayers, the sweatlodge leader, the people who come to pray, the eagle feather used for the smudge, the herbs they sprinkle on the hot stones, the bear grease we rub on our skin to heal... every little detail is appreciated and named. It takes time to give thanks.

I have been praying more lately.... just the prayers of gratitude before meals could take a long time if you were to look at all that came together to make it happen... the food on your plate, the plates, silverwear, the animals that gave their lives, the store that bought and sold the meat and vegetables... those who tended to the animals and plants.... those who transported them to the stores,the spices, the vegatable, fruits, herbs, the cook, the kitchen, stove, etc to do the cooking... having the money to buy the food, having the health to be able to work to earn the money.... You could go on and on when it comes to gratitude. 

How much time do we spent worrying, complaining, fearing the unknown or expecting the worst... If we spent all that time and energy just giving thanks, life would be so much better... and it is!!!

This post is all over the place... sometimes I just need to let the thoughts flow....

Monday, September 17, 2012


Autumn 2210

A team of Indigenous explorers traveling by canoe reach a remote Island.  Traveling inland, they discover the remains of an overgrown village.  A young man finds a small sealed weatherproof box and rushes back to the leader of the expedition, who takes the container and examines it. The morning sun reflects off his raven-colored hair and the tattoos on his muscular brown arms. He has feathers in his hair and wears a beautifully hand stitched garment with brightly beaded designs.

Sitting on a fallen tree, the leader carefully opens the box and takes out what appears to be pages of a journal written on tree bark. The young man watches with excitement. Others gather around to watch. The journal  is dated December 21, 2012, almost two hundred years ago. Handling the pages with great care, he read aloud.

Journal Entry: Anemone Starborn


Earlier this evening, standing on of edge of the cliff overlooking Mother Ocean, I marveled at the Sky, which was lit up in an orgasmic display of pink, red, orange and yellow. It was the last dance of Father Sun before retiring for the night. Grandmother Moon rose gracefully over the Eastern horizon as she began her night journey. Brother Wind danced my skirt around my legs and caressed my face, causing strands of my long hair to tickle my nose. I brushed them aside so as not to miss the incredible experience of day giving way to night. Also, I was there to give thanks to Creator for the fulfillment of a Dream.

Gently sliding my Flute out of her protective pouch, I played to Creator, Mother Earth, Father Sky, Brother Wind, the Sacred Waters, Trees, Plants and our Creature brothers and sisters – the four leggeds, the no-leggeds, the finned ones and the winged ones .  I gave thanks for those who answered the call of my Drum, which brought our Tribe back together after many lifetimes. We had been scattered to the Four Directions and along the way and some forgot who they were.  It has been twenty rotations of the sun since I had the dream of this Community. I never knew for sure why I was chosen to do this, or how it would turn out. I just knew that I had to follow the destiny set out before me.

Returning my Flute to her pouch and breathing deeply, I raised my arms to allow Brother Wind to cleanse my soul. Father Sun reached out his final fingers of light and touched my heart. Tears of gratitude flowed and I prayed for those who were still lost.

Mother Earth has been speaking loudly for decades and few have listened. Humans continue to pollute the Air, Earth and Waters that their very lives depend upon. They do not realize that the Earth is alive.  She has a body just like ours and she needs to be healthy and whole, just like us. Is it too late to stop the Path of Destruction that Humanity chose for itself? The images of mass devastation have returned to my night Dreams. We need a miracle of gigantic proportions to turn things around at this point.

            Why Spirit asked us to settle on this remote island, we don’t yet know. It is not the safest place on Earth to be in these times of extreme change. Earthquakes and rising tides are imminent in this location. Like others in our Tribe, I’ve always listened to my Dreams and they have never steered me wrong, but sometimes we do misinterpret them and that can be dangerous, even deadly. Although we all share in decision-making, my people are counting on me to guide them because of my Dreaming abilities. It is the burden of responsibility that I carry as Chief of these amazing people who are committed and devoted to Mother Earth’s and following the guidance of the Dreaming.

There are others dreams that I do not share with anyone. These are meant to be held in my heart until the time comes, if it comes.

            As I stood on the cliff, the last rays of Father Sun slowly diminished and Evening Star appeared in the Northeast, winking at me as if to say, “All is well”. My Spirit soared and my thoughts took another direction. I prayed for guidance in the days to come, to have strength and courage and to make the right choices for my people. We are few, but united in one purpose. We chose to leave the city and return to Nature, to walk softly upon the Land with respect for all Life, to eat wholesome foods that we grew ourselves and be a self-sufficient community, not dependant on technology for our survival. We hunt for food, but with honor and respect for the animals that give their lives.

Meanwhile, we dance together as one, doing sacred ceremonies and healings. We share chores and contribute to the upbringing of the children. Each person had their gifts and talents that contribute to the Whole. Ours is not the only community to form in this manner. We are linked to others all across the body of Mother. We were in constant communication through the Dreaming, so if the technological system goes down, we will not lose touch with our Sister Tribes. Yet, the Dreaming works in its own way and time. We have to trust.  

The most difficult challenge for me was that I did not know if I would succeed or fail in my task. But now the Dream has come true in every sense of the word! Others came to answer the call. Together we were able to find and set up the land that was in the exact location that my dreams directed. Breathing a deep sigh, I returned my gaze to the Stars.

More stars began sparkling overhead, joining in their night song with Evening Star. They rested on a blanket of indigo. Grandmother Moon drifted higher, a smile on her face, as I wrapped my shawl around me for warmth. It was cool for that time of year - Summer Solstice. We were celebrating the one year anniversary of our coming together on this land. Even in these uncertain times, we must remember to mark the happy occasions. I offered tobacco with tears of gratitude and turned to the music that drifted on the Wind. The celebration had begun.
Musicians were playing while others danced barefoot on the Earth. Food was spread out on the tables. A large bonfire and the warm welcoming smiles of my spiritual family were enough to take the chill from my bones. Once again I took out my Flute, this time to harmonize with the others. Without them, this Dream would not have come true.

We sang, played, danced, feasted, laughed and told stories late into the night. Grandmother Moon had dipped behind the trees towards the Ocean by time my partner and I headed to our teepee. As I write down these thoughts I feel tired but peaceful. Life is good.

SEPTEMBER 20, 2012

Last night, I had another disturbing dream. The Earth buckled and turned inside out. We were thrown into darkness, falling through the void of space with stones flying everywhere. Waking in the stark silence of the early morning, I was struck with a cold fear that maybe I have led my people to the wrong place! Have I put their lives in danger? I nuzzled up to my partner for comfort. He wrapped his arms around me and mumbled, “Trust…” Tired, I fell into a troubled and  restless sleep.

Then, this morning at our regular morning circle, I reluctantly shared the dream. As often happens, others had similar ones. We all felt the same strong sense of Destiny. Something important was going to happen! Was it a warning? Were we seeing our own deaths? Should we leave this place? We needed time to understand what the Dream was saying.


I must make this one last entry, to record these experiences so others may know what really happened after we are gone.

 Since Summer Solstice, the frightening dreams continued without giving more clarity or guidance. We filled our days with work, play, music and prayer. We discussed these dreams often, but everyone felt that we should stay on the island. Then last night I had the same dream, but with a different ending.

This time, as the earth shook, I found myself on the path heading towards the Ocean, to the secret place where I go to pray. The Tribe follows in single file, a luminous thread connecting us all.

I woke up in a panic, something was wrong! The ground was heaving under me. An Earthquake!  It was not a dream, it was real! Frantically, we all gathered outside. Crying children clung to their parents as the Council debated a course of action. It was happening too soon, we were not ready.

Another shockwave! Grandmother Moon did not show her face. We were in the dark. Even the Stars hid behind a veil of clouds. We hung on to each other until the upheavals subsided. Fortunately no one was hurt. I told them of my latest dream and then Dream-Seer spoke. Her calm demeanor brought silence and respect. She said with conviction, “We must do what the Dream says. We must follow our Chief down the path”. In my mind, I was not so sure, but my heart knew she was right and the others agreed. What other choice did we have?

I reached out to my beloved and we began a human chain with everyone holding hands. There were thirty-six of us, men, women and children. Walking slowly through the dark I realized that I knew the path by heart, I didn’t need to see with my eyes. Climbing over large fallen branches, we eventually arrived at the open meadow by the Sea, my sacred place of prayer. And what awaited us there was spectacular!

 A circle of strange beings of all shapes, sizes and colors - yellow, red, brown, black, white and blue and green were dancing and drumming around a surreal numinous fire. Some were dressed in animal skins decorated with beads, feathers and shells. Others were wearing diaphanous robes that floated gracefully around their exquisite bodies. The music was rhythmic and inviting. An exquisite looking blue-skinned woman came to greet us, inviting us to join them. As if it were the most natural thing in the world, we all joined in this extraordinary dance. I fell into a trance. Images flowed freely as my consciousness expanded.  Suddenly, I remembered everything!

We are Star People who have been incarnating for many lifetimes on this planet at the risk of forgetting who we were, where we came from and why we were here. We came to warn the Humans of the dangers of the Path of Destruction that they were taking and to show them the Path of Creation. We were warned of the challenges and risks when we responded to the plea of the Creator for this mission. We did our best to show others how to live in harmony and sacredness with all life. Some got the message and joined us in our cause. We were persecuted, burned, tortured, crucified and murdered, but we kept coming back lifetime after lifetime because we made a vow to Creator.

When we entered that Magical Circle by the Ocean, we stepped into the Dreamtime, the forever space, the place of all Creation. We merged with the Ancestors and the Star People because we are them and they are us.

On this day, December 21, 2012, Star People and Humans in power spots all over the planet, were dancing and drumming to help create a higher frequency shift. We were here to help Mother in her rebirth.  We concentrated our collective energies, sending our love to Mother as her labor pains intensified. We were in a Sacred Space where the ground did not buckle; it vibrated with positive, vital energy. We danced for hours. Then… one final shudder and it was done.

She had shaken off the illness and disease that was put into her body. Tragically, it was at the loss of many lives and much damage. But now all life on her will be healthier, stronger and lighter.  Minds will be clearer and more conscious, and hearts will be more open. She has shifted to a higher vibration, entering what our Ancestors, the Aboriginal people, call the Dreamtime. And she has taken everyone who survived with her. Those who live are those who were connected to her, and guided by their dreams and visions to be in certain places and doing the rituals to create a safe circle of protection.
Humans will now begin an era of shared abundance and peace, as they realize their inter-connectedness and oneness with all life. It will take time to re-adjust and rebuild, but our mission here is accomplished.  We rejoiced and hugged one another, with tears of happiness and sorrow flowing freely. The dancing continued as I ran back to my tent to make this last entry.  I will put my journal in a sealed box and rejoin the celebration, praying that someone finds this message.

(Anemone rejoined the Sacred Circle by the cliff after completing her journal. She was just in time to see a large brilliant disk of pure white light spinning across the sky towards them. They all watched in silent wonderment and absolute trust as it approached, as if they had been expecting it. The large radiant sphere silently enveloped them like a soft mist. Their bodies merged with the light. Then they lifted off the ground and in the blink of an eye were far out in space and heading home, towards Alcyone in the constellation of Pleiades). 

The raven-haired man closes the book and looking up, notes that the sun has climbed high in the sky. He remembers his grandparents talking about the “big shakeup” and how those who survived relinquished separation consciousness, finally working together as one. Before that, apparently people were selfish and cruel to one another and disrespectful of the environment, always taking and never giving back. Now things are different apparently. He is grateful to be living in these times where nature and humans work together with sacredness and respect, mutually inter-dependent on one another, like the early ancestors thousands of years before, but with a difference. Now the balance of technology and nature has been worked out so that they don’t need to destroy the Earth in order to live.

He beckons for the others to follow. With regard for the trees and creatures, they search for a path on the west side of the island that leads to the Ocean. It is not easy to find after all this time, but they eventually come to the edge of a cliff, and to their amazement, there is an open grassy area with thirty-six huge pine trees growing in a circle. A luminous glow emanates from the site. This is sacred ground.

A Medicine Woman steps forward to offer tobacco and chants. After consulting with the Spirits of the land, they receive permission to enter the area and instructions on what to do. They gather deadwood to build a fire in the centre. They sit down and start to drum as he evening seeps in. The Spirits of the Ancestors can be seen dancing around the drummers as Pleiades twinkles blissfully in the sky above.



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