Friday, October 12, 2012

Warriors of Today

As we come to the end of the Warrior Wind, it is good to reflect upon the experiences that we lived this past month. In Shamanism we look at Roles and Winds as one and the same with a small discrepancy. The Winds are cosmological influences that blow our way, changing on every New Moon. They influence us all on a collective level.  The Roles are that we as humans embody. Our Roles show us the gifts or medicine that we use in our daily lives to survive and deal with life’s many challenges.

When we think of Warriors, we often conjure up images of the past... Aboriginal Braves, Mongolian, Vikings or otherwise – our Ancestors - but what about the Warriors of Today? We may think of those who are fighting in Afghanistan or other war-torn countries. But what about those Warriors that we see every day, those who work in the mundane world of commerce and labour positions? Look around you and you will see them by their actions or behaviours. In the past the Warriors fought to protect their people and territory, but they were also the hunters who provided the food for the tribe.

Just like our Ancestors, the Warriors of today need a cause to fight for, they need challenges that test their courage, strength and other skills. Some Warriors may be physically strong, others may be agile or quick on their feet or mentally alert. They may excel in sports and other physical endeavours or great at business endevours. They usually thrive on competition and like to win.

As in all Roles, there is a need for balance in the Warrior role. An imbalanced or dysfunctional Warrior can stir up a lot of trouble. They may end up looking for fights for no practical reason or found speeding along the highways cutting off traffic. They may become verbal or physically abusive.They can be aggessive and destruction, crude and rude. This misplaced energy could be put to better use, but today's young Warriors aren't schooled in the ways of the Peaceful or Spiritual Warrior.

At a dinner party recently a lively discussion soon turned into a heated debate. The topic was religion which is always a hot one at the best of times. But when people start arguing about who is right and who is wrong, defending their point of view to the end, it seems that the Warrior is acting out a battle of the will. In Shamanism, we allow different perspectives to be heard without making the others wrong. There are a minimum of thirty-six perspectives on the Wheel. If we negate one, we lose a stone on the wheel, which leaves an empty space, a vacuum.

Many wars have been fought over religion over the centuries by those who believe that their God is the one and only God. By trying to impose their beliefs on others, they are willing to kill, maim, rape, pillage and plunder. When they are questioned on their beliefs they get defensive and angry.

In today’s world, ideally, we want Warriors who will stand strong in their truth without imposing it on others, without wanting to hurt those who have different perspectives – different beliefs, ways of living, social customs or religious doctrines.

We want Warriors who will protect their loved ones, not abuse them. Warriors who work hard to provide for their families and loved ones. We want Warriors who are strong on all levels and use that strength in service to the needs of their collective - those who protect and defend the innocent, weak and the elderly. We want those who walk in balance and use their power to destroy, not to hurt but to destroy that which doesn't serve the highest good... in themselves first of all. 

We need parents and society to recognize the Warrior traits in their children and bring them up in a way that nurtures their skills so they become functional adults.

A strong Warrior will examine their own motives and be brutally honest with themselves about their weaknesses, imbalances and arrogance.  Warriors can be male or female, either way they have a huge task upon them to carry the burden of truth in a world where deception and lies are paramount. 

If you see someone who is a truth seeker, someone who has lots of energy and likes a good challenge, someone who doesn't beat around the bush to make a point... they probably have Warrior as a dominant Role. 

We are coming into the Peacekeeper Wind next,  and along with the Warrior, it has stirred up some strong passions in many. It is not the time to lose your head and go crazy. Take time to breath, to sit with things and find your truth without making others wrong. It is time to put an end to war and be Hunters, protectors and providers for the community. Warriors need discipline and humility as well as courage, stamina and strength. An arrogant Warrior is like a loaded gun with the pistol  cocked.

I am in awe of the Warriors in my community; the men and women who work long hours of physical or mental labour, those who are strong in their truth and speak up when they see lies, deception or the abuse of power. They are the protectors of the community, defenders of truth. They go off to war every day in their jobs and bring home abundance for their families. They tackle challenges with vigor and don’t give up until the job is complete. We can all be Warriors at times when needed.


Rose said...

I work with a bunch of Warriors. I don't think the workplace values many of them, I think they are marginalised in our society. I don't think they are well understood. Your post has given me a valuable insight into some of the younger, more chauvinistic ones I have to deal with! I wonder what these young men would be like if they were properly directed?

I always get a little perplexed by the differences between Peacekeeper and Warrior.

MaryRose Lessoway said...


Warriors are looking for truth and ready to fight if necessary if they are functional in their roles...If not functional they could become bullies and pick fights for stupid reasons.

Peacekeepers are looking for peace, they often hate conflict... but seem to always be in the middle of it. They are like the middle child who wants everyone to get along. There is so much to each role, it takes time to sort it out.

I was thinking today of a young man I saw at a circle I did at a school recently. The kids were around ages 13-14. This young man stood out for me because he was the only one I could see that was really interested, really attentive. He seemed sharp and alert. I saw the Warrior in him, someone who respected truth.

Later I talked to the teacher and she said that the young man had a younger sister that he took really good care of. He would make sure she got her lunch before he ate and always picked her up after school and took her home.

Some of the other guys were Warriors but more immature. They were boastful and arrogant. I pray that they all get the direction, acknowledgement and guidance that they need.

Another example between warrior and peacekeeper is from an experience I had with lawyers. Even though lawyers are supposed to be peacekeepers and strive for justice and fairness... one lawyer was out to win. He was a strong debater, took charge and knew how to win. He was really on top of things. He directed the whole show. He was more of a Warrior type.

The other lawyer was more interested in everyone getting along and everyone being happy. He was more willing to compromise and didn't stand up for the truth. He followed the lead of the other lawyer and didn't fight. He was looking for a solution that would suit everyone. He didn't care so much about winning.

Hope these examples help...

Rose said...

Yeah that helps a lot! i think my Husband has Warrior on his Wheel and I know I have Peacekeeper. I can see it more clearly now...

I do think spiritual direction is sorely missing. I did a bit of work in schools and discovered that although religious education is on the sylabbus for primary schools, a lot of teachers find it hard to teach and neglect it. When it is taught it is more about religion than spirituality and taught in such a way as to not favour one religion over another...

So hard for children to make sense of it all when adults get confused...

MaryRose Lessoway said...

Things are shifting so much, we are in a time of great change as we transition from the Father Clan era to the Grandmother clan era... plus the earth changes, the remarkable planetary alignments, the Blue Moon, 2012.... all of this is throwing everything into a state of flux and confusion.

I agree though that the schools aren't teaching spirituality, but I believe that the parents should be guiding their children on this one. As you say though, if the parents are confused, the kids will have a hard time of it...

Lili said...

Great blog MaryRose. I love how you describe and share the roles.
Thank you


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