Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hypersensitivity & Collectivity

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Rose said...

Oh I nderstand the stuff feeling so well. I feel smothered by it but I just don't have the energy to deal with it! In the UK land is reused over and over again and it can be hard to find out the history of a place. I know of housing developments on landfill sites and childrens play areas. I doubt the people living there have a clue. One nearby park has a history of industrial use spanning hundreds of years from mining and arsenic production through to gas works and landfill. Where I work was built on a site used to bury some of the disgustingly huge number of cattle slaughtered during the Foot and Mouth crisis.

Michelle said...

MaryRose this Blog is full of gems! Thank you so much for posting it makes much more sense to look at our whole environment. I know that when we do our work it does wonders!!! I know there is alot that I am unaware of but I am learning to slow down and breathe but I do appreciate when things are pointed out because it helps me gain a new perspective and work on another piece of me. It also shows we just need to be open to what we truely are living and learning from it. Thank you.

MaryRose Lessoway said...

Rose and Michelle,

Thanks for your comments.

I moved your Them over to Lisa's blog www.wapeyit.blogspot.com because I posted this blog there... and will be deleting this one. I don't want to have it in two places.

We can continue our discussion there if you want.



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