Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Butterfly doesn't change overnight...

It takes time to go through the stages of metamorphosis. 

Some are in the catepillar stage,slowing crawling along nose to the ground.  

Some are silently dissolving and transforming in the miraculous process of death and rebirth inside their cocoons. 

Others are slowing unfolding their wings and letting them dry in preparation to take flight...  

are free from the bonds of their past and are off enjoying the nectar of the flowers and dancing on the wind, knowing that their life is too short to waste on worldly concerns.... Their beauty and joy the reward of their long, arduous journey towards wholeness.

There are many changes going on... along with the ongoing shifting of the planet, we are all in the journey to our own wholeness. Each one of us at a different stage....

Every day we shape-shift into something else as the unknown reveals itself just as we take the next step in faith, with Spirit guiding our way. 

We alter our course accordingly...

We are in the days of the butterfly - metamorphosis.

In saying that, as the Wheel of Life spins... we are also in the process of changing our blog sites. I will let you know when that happens and where we will go next....


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