Friday, October 15, 2010

Life and Death

I have been in silence for awhile. There is so much going on with our Tribal process and the Great Gathering in Quebec.... so much to integrate. It is important to take time to sit with our experiences. I find that I can get too full and need to empty out. I do this by reflecting and writing things down so I can review what I lived and see where I need to go next. 

"May you live in interesting times".... I just learned that this is a Chinese expression and that it is actually a veiled curse. We do live in interesting times. Time is speeding up and the veil between worlds is thinning. We can't get away with the things like we did in the past. We are being forced to be more conscious, to be more accountable for our actions. I remember reading somewhere that the Angels or our Guides are stepping back and letting us fall flat on our faces so we can get the lessons we need to grow and heal. It is essential that we take advantage of this window of time that we have left in order to push through our unresolve.

At the Great Gathering, my Teacher  and Shaman Okwaho Lablanc, went into the Dreaming and gave us messages from the In-between, from those who have passed over. My Mom, who died in 2008 was there.  She said that there is a change in the magnetic field of the planet and it is attracting danger form something outside itself - like a magnet. This energy is helping us to grow faster.  It is a great opportunity, so lets make the most of it. Like my Dad (who passed over in 2004) said to me in a dream...  "Do not take your old baggage with you when you move on".
This is something we all should be doing anyways. I learned that when I lay dying in the hospital in 1982. The most important thing to do in life is to be prepared to die. How many people consider their deaths, there is so much denial, fear and avoidance of this reality.

I was not ready to die back in '82.  I was filled with rage, hatred and unresolve. When I recovered, I knew that I was given another chance to look at myself and what I needed to do with my life in order to heal the wounds of childhood and past lives. 

How many people are willing and able to do this kind of work on themselves? The general population would rather go through life with blinders on, living superficial, unfulfilled lives. Yet, this is no longer an option. The Earth herself is overloaded with our shit, our garbage and excess electrical energy. She cannot tolerate this anymore. 

There are many ways to do our part on this planet. Some will be called to be prophets and speak out against injustice, pollution and so on... Others will be Warriors and will stand and fight for the trees, they will go and clean up the oil spills and rescue the animals, or rescue people in crisis, etc. The Healers will deal with the wounded and sick.

Still others will work in smaller ways, doing what they feel called to do, whether it is doing their inner work, forming or join ing communities that work together for the good of all, or teaching something of value, walking their talk, living in balance in their daily lives, connecting to the Environment around them and doing whatever is needed...

Whatever you do to help in the process of Creation will help to counteract the mass destruction and separation - the  unconscious attitudes and behaviors  of others. 

There is nothing that is too small to make a difference if you realize that your words and actions have an impact, that you are powerful and can make a difference by being the best that you can be.

As I always say, "Assume your positions". Be where you are called to be, do what you are called to do and let Spirit do the rest.

Whatever happens, when the times comes, I just want to be ready to die in a good way, to be able to say that I lived my life the best I could with what I was given. I want to be able to look Creator in the eye and know that I earned my place in paradise. 



WampumBlueRaven said...

Dear Mary Rose,
Your blog breath new life on this page as I read it again tonight.
“Assume your position ” are three words which has stuck with me since we last spoke and ties in with the theme of mother/femininity I am exploring- which I am positive with serve others- I just not quiet sure how.
Thanks again for your blog!

Wheelkeeper said...

I wonder if the gift I sent you has something to do with the theme of Mother/Femininity?

Wheelkeeper said...

I like your reference to the Ancestors who are still with us here in Spirit. Some still stay around to guide and protect us on our journeys.

its great that your partner is asking questions about the Medicine Wheel, I think that my answer would have been, "Its an electromagnetic force that magnifies what is in the environment as well as connecting us to the dreaming". But then most people would think I'm Your answer is one that they would be able to hear and accept. Sometimes you just have to word things in their language. It is a challenge to describe the wheel in one sentence.... impossible really.

It is a tool for healing and teaches us through the stories, impressions and experiences that manifest around the wheel.


Wheelkeeper said...

As this Wind winds it has been interesting to see the many little initiations that occurred over the course of this month....

The winds do influence our lives and it is great to have the information to work with them consciously.

December 5th is the next New Moon and will blew in a new wind, with new challenges.


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