Thursday, March 24, 2011


It is the end of March and the Equinox has come and gone. I am busy with preparing for a new cycle of teaching the Medicine Wheel. Next weekend I will give an introduction to the MW and at the end of April, I will go to Cleveland to work with My Teacher, Gerard, to teach the Wheel to a group of People there.
Then I hope to do a weekend workshop sometime in June. 

Today I met a wonderful, delightful woman who is full of Life, having received news that she is free of cancer. We haven't met in person yet, but over the phone. She also does woman's circles, in BC. I called her because a friend of mine down there attended a Woman's Moon circle that M.gave. I found out that we had a connection to another woman that we both met many years ago. The Circle of Life goes around and comes back to the beginning again and again. Each time I reconnect with someone from my past, it is magical. The strange thing is that I was just writing in my book about the onset of my journey with Grandmother Twylah Nitsch. The woman M. and I both met is named Spider and she was very special to us both. 

I loved our connection and it felt like meeting a long lost sister. She opened me up to new ideas and energies. She helped me realize how stuck I have been here and that I need to spread my wings and fly again. I need to be more open and creative in how I conduct the circles. In the past, I didn't know anything, but I followed my guidance. Then I acquired lots of knowledge and I became too rigid and structured in how I work. It is good to have the knowledge of the teachings, but also to break the rules a little and experiment. I am not as wild as I used to be, I have been influenced by my environment, which is very conservative and practical. 
Practical is okay, but I need to feel the magic again, I need to let go of the structure of the Wheel and be more in touch with the flow of energies, with Spirit and Nature. I need to dance, to sing, to play more. 

I may be getting older, but that doesn't mean that I have to become old. 


Lulu said...

Hi WK,
I love what you share about being in touch with the magic again. I love the idea of more singing, dancing and playing too :-)


Wheelkeeper said...

Thanks Lulu,

It is good to remember to celebrate our Spirit.


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