Thursday, January 5, 2012


As we begin the New Year, 2012, we are off to a good start with the Initiator Wind blowing through once again. This Wind has popped up several times in the past year. It seems that we need the Initiator to push us to grow. This Wind will trigger our issues to see what we need to work on in order to bring balance to our personal wheels. Those who have been working on themselves for a long time will have it easier than those who are just starting their healing journeys. 

This year, our community is working together to get out a book or two about Shamanism, the Shaman and our stories on the Red Road. These projects have been in the works for years, but it seems that it is finally coming together. My book will be stories related to the Medicine Wheel. I seem to have a lot to say so I might as well write it
We are aiming to have these books go to the next stage by this summer. It is exciting and scary to see this dream coming to a place of manifestation. 

Here's to all of you fulfilling your greatest dreams this year as the veil between the worlds thins. The Mayan Calender is not ending, it is the end of a major cycle and the beginning of a new one. We need to be ready for anything, open to change and the challenges that this wind and this year brings us. 

Happy New Year!


Rose said...

I can't wait to read your book MaryRose! Also waiting patiently to see what happens next....

Michelle said...

Definitely will be ordering a copy for each one of my children and myself what a great Gift idea!
You write so well MaryRose I am very excited to see this dream manifesting!
P.S. Glad the Blog is back ;) love your insights and sharing!

Wheelkeeper said...

Thanks for taking time to share your thoughts Rose and Michelle. It helps to motivate me to continue.

My book is taking off. I never realized how many stories I have lived related to the wheel. I am trying not to be too

taranova said...

hello.... i have read for some time but not commented... you do write well, so no wonder your stories are in demand!

I'm intrigued by the 'Winds'... i've seen you & lisa mention them, but i don't know any more than that.

I know i feel different energies from the wind, but are you talking about the physical wind that blows.... or a cycle referred to as wind... ?


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