Friday, April 20, 2012

Change or Die!

We live in a time where there is great potential for change. 2012 is bringing us a great opportunity to leave behind the old beliefs, habits and patterns that don't work anymore. We can choose to stay stuck in unresolve, darkness and unconsciousness... or we can choose new attitudes and behaviors.

The Medicine Wheel exists in every breath we take and every action we make. We breath in and out in a circular manner. Each breath brings new life, new opportunities. The Wheel is all about change and growth, it is after all and wheel and wheels are meant to move, turn and spin. Yet, how often do we repeat the same actions unconsciously, out of habit?

By bringing consciousness to our actions and thought patterns, we can evoke change, healing and growth.  Every time we find ourselves in an unhealthy repetitive cycle, relationship or circumstance, we can stop and ask... "Why do I always find myself here? What is the lesson? How can I change this situation?"

Our life is a Sacred Circle from birth to death. We cycle through the 13 Moons at least 4-6 times if we are lucky. So by age 52 we will have gone through childhood, adolescence, adulthood and become elders. But that does not mean we are necessarily wise. How many people actually get their life lessons? How many people actually let go of the previous stages of their lives?

When I hear an adult say, "That's how we did things when I was growing up, that's the way I was taught, that's what happened in my childhood, or that's why I am the way I am"... what I hear is "I have not let go, I have not healed that story, I am still living my life according to the programs or experiences that I acquired from my (dysfunctional) family upbringing or my social indoctrinations".

Why hold on to those stories that caused us suffering? Why not rewrite the script of our lives? We are the directors and actors in our own stories, we can see ourselves as victims or heroes. We can step outside of the box that our family, society and religion put us in. If we change the perspective of our story and see that our souls choose those experiences so we could become strong, then we can let go of the anger, resentment, guilt, shame, etc.

In the Sacred Circle tradition, we believe in being open to different perspectives. It is amazing how small our world is when we live inside our own little bubble and don't allow for other perspectives to show us something different. If we believe that another perspective makes ours wrong, we won't be open to what others have to say. If we can't let go of our own opinions and viewpoints long enough to hear what others see, hear, sense or feel.... we will stay stuck or keep spinning the same old wheels. We won't grow. 

Growth is essential to all life. Life is all about growth. Look at nature. Everything grows, blossoms, dies, and is reborn again. Within the circle of growth is a spiraling effect. If you ever heard of the Fibonacci spiral effect... you will see that all things, from plants to planets grow and spin in a spiraling manner. The Universe is expanding and Humans are no different.The Sacred Circle is not flat and 2 dimensional, it is 3 dimensional - a spiral. We spiral through different levels of consciousness, through cycles and seasons.

Each time we come across the same issues, we are at a different place. We have more experiences under our belt. We are (hopefully) older and wiser. So why do people resist growth? Why do people prefer to circle around in the same issues, stay on the same loop of consciousness instead of growing and expanding? Is it the fear of the unknown, attachment to the familiar? Is it a rigidity or resistance to change? Why will some people defend their illusions to the death?

Someone once told me that he had no reference for a Shamanic relationship, or for collective living in his past experiences. He only knew the Western, romantic way of relating with women and that was no longer working, it was no longer an option. So what do you do with that? He also said that the road back from the Western to the Shamanic is long. But does it have to be that way when all it takes is a shift in perspective? The old ways have to be shed, old attitudes, so that we can be open to the new. If we cling to our limited perceptions, to what we think we want, or what we know, we are not letting go and the universe cannot bring us something better. It will bring us the same lessons again and again until we get it.

We have to be open to be able to see what is right in front of us, we have to ask for help, we have to allow others to help us and we have to surrender to what is given to us. We have to be ready to be revealed in our illusions, dysfunctions, imbalances, programs, etc.... It takes humility (11th Moon). When we are open, ready and able to change, the right people will come along, the Universe will send you what you need. Otherwise, we keep repeating the same patterns with slight variations on the theme.

The Sacred Circle teaches us how to connect with our NATURAL selves, not our programs or issues. It shows us how to live according to who we really are at a core level, in our power, divinity and strength. But we first have to peel away the layers of not-self, like layers of an onion in order to get back to basics.

We need to be able to let go of the old if we are to survive, evolve and thrive. Darwin said it best, only the fittest survive. But what he also said, was that those who are most open to change are the ones who will survive.

The way I see it, its like pressing food through a sieve. Only the lighter, more fluid portions get through. The dense, heavy material stays behind. If there is no lighter portions, if its all thick (as in thick, nothing gets through, all is lost!


Daniela said...

Great blogMaryRose.I had a bad day yesterday.I went into some kind of nightmares,old habits and attitudes.Before I went to bed I set the intention to start the next day free of the old distructive stuff.
First thing this morning was,coming across your blog.Reading it was confirmation for me and it inspired and helped me getting back on track with NEW attitudes and leaving the thick and heavy stuff behind.
Thank you so much!
Love u Daniela

Wheelkeeper said...

So glad to hear that my blog helped you Daniela. The dreaming guides us and gives us what we need!

Keep on going forward and growing as you are so good at doing that!

Jackie said...

Good Ideas. I started going through THE change about 2 yrs. ago & Wow! Buckle up! LOL

Much of this I will sit with, but the end held some interesting comments. Let go of the old (patterns which no longer serve us) and be open to change.

Sometimes people get 'set in their ways' the older they get. But I think it is so important to be flexible and keep an open mind.

There is so much to learn in the time we have. It makes sense to make the most of it. A few years back, I heard of some research about keeping the neural pathways in your brain supple. These doctors recommended learning something new every 5 or 10 years. If you have never painted before, but have always written. Try your hand at a new creative endeavor. Paint a self portrait, or a still life! If you have always worked ceramics, take up horseback riding! It is important to use your hands to interact with the world. A few years back I had the opportunity to put a master cylinder in my truck! LOL! Pretty satisfying.
This technique can help to keep you from getting Alzheimer's.
I like what Bob Dylan said...
"He not busy being born is busy dying."

So I do my best to walk my path with humility and keep my eyes open for new experiences, new flavours, new activities.

Thank you MaryRose, for sharing your knowledge with us. I am so grateful for the many wonderful teachers I have been fortunate to encounter.


Wheelkeeper said...

Thanks for your input Jackie, I like what you say about learning something new, but I don't think we should wait 5-10 years to do that. The Dali Lama said to do something different every day. It doesn't have to be big. But I like what you say about doing something totally different, even in our Elder years. I find that I struggled with the program of getting old and had to fight it or else become rigid in mind and body. I literally have to alter my activities regularly or my muscles seize up. If I am on computer too long or too often, my arm gets sore. If I do any one thing for a period of time, it becomes a problem.

I like how you call menopause "the change" was a huge change for me, not with hot flashes or anything like that... but adjusting to an entire new level of being and come to accept then love where I am at. I got so bad that I was just hanging around waiting to Now I am more active and committed to life than ever!!!

Some changes are harder than others, but well worth it!

Jackie said...

Learning a new thing at least every 5 years is probably a lot better than 10 yrs. LOL! Of course it depends how far you want to take it. It may take me longer to gain the level of mastery that I desire, depending on the craft, art, discipline or whatever, than another person. Of course I can get carried away with a thing pretty easily.
I think it is tied to personality, as to how long one wants to devote to the new activity.
The important thing is flexibility. Enjoying the wonder of learning a new ability and finding out what we are capable of.
I tend to think the Dalai Lama is pretty darn right most of the time. I'm with him on this one!

I had to convince my doctor to do the test for menopause. She's rly nice, but I had to insist! Sure enough (I know my body). I didn't get more than 2 or 3 vry mild hot flashes. I got chills. She had never heard of such a thing. Only recently did I run into a friend on fb that had the same experience. Profoundly cold! Wearing a wool hat in summer, my friend says she wears warm socks & shoes! Weird (menopause, that is, not her, LOL!).

A little while ago I had an issue with a person I know. He represses feelings a lot and sometimes has violent outbursts. After one of these 'episodes' he was (as usual) embarrassed & sorry. He wrote me a note saying "Maybe I'll get it right next lifetime."
I have to admit to being pretty exasperated. My view is that however much time we have left, it is up to us to make the most of the life we have now.
Not just throw in the towel before the last song has been sung.

Whew! Thanks for listening. I hope I didn't go off on a rant there (wink).


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