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I know that the New Age movement is promoting hope and promise for the future, but would like to give you another perspective on the bigger picture of the planet and life everywhere.

The earth is immensely over-populated, the seas, rivers and lakes are polluted, the air is full of acid rain, the earth is full of toxic waste, the ice caps are melting, thousands of species of animals are going extinct every day, a majority of humans are living in poverty and sickness and meanwhile wars rage on, we continue to overconsume, use plastic products that will never disintegrate, create overused landfills, drive cars and fly in planes the use excessive amounts of gasoline that require huge technological systems to extract from Mother's veins, meanwhile producing more toxins as we go...... need I go on? We are even extending our chaos and pollution to outer space.

The problem with Humans today is that we are short-sighted. How many of us remember our chidlhood, our birth, past lives... let alone 4 billion years of earth history.

We live for today and don't consider the long-term consequences of our actions like our ancestors did when they say, "consider the next seven generations". As as a result Humans as a species have become a plague upon the Earth. We don't consider the next generation or beyond. And it's getting worse all the time. If we could see ahead, we would not be polluting the Earth the way we do. And we are all responsible, each and every one of us. Humans are the cancerous blood cells on Mother's Body. The best thing that could happen to the planet is if Humans were to become extinct!

If I am sounding cold and harsh, think about this. Humans once upon a time did not exist! And there will be a time when we don't exist again. Why not set the wheels in motion now?

Looking at the timeline of the History of the Earth, humans existed for such a short time that we are less than a speck on the entire scope of things. The Earth is older and wiser than all of us put together! Humans are not the crowning glory of God as we may think. That is just the ego talking again....

 This is a basic timeline of a 4.6 billion year old Earth, with approximate dates:

To make it even more astounding and evident, I found a website that uses TOILET, to show the scope of things...(Google "The History of the Earth in a toilet paper roll")


The earth is about 5 billion years old. That makes each toilet paper square equivalent to 12.5 million years; each billion years of earth's history takes up 80 squares of toilet paper. 

On this scale, one year is represented by 0.00000088 cm ... a width too tiny to see. But we can certainly visualize the past 10,000 years of recorded history on this scale, and compare it to the other events in earth's history.

All of this to say that as Gatekeeper of the Dinosaur Gate, I think that we have a responsibility to Mother Earth to remove ourselves from her body, to put her needs before ours for once and all.

It is time for humans to join the list of extinct species. The Dinosaur gate is not about just letting go of the things we want to change, such as dysfunctional behaviors... going through the Dinosaur gate is much more than that. It about moving on the other dimensions, joining all the other extinct species who now live in the Dinosaur Kingdom.  If this sounds morbid to you, then you are not ready. 

If it makes sense and you are willing to let go of your earthy life, then I invite you with open arms to walk through the gate in service to Mother and all life everywhere. Jesus said that we would have to let go of everything in order to enter the Kingdom of God. How many really understand this comment?

How attached are you to your life, this planet? Do you believe in other realms, other dimensions? Do you believe that you exist outside of your human reality? Do you willing to sacrifice your human self in order to become DIVINE? Do you really believe in eternal life or is it just a nice thought to you?

The Dinosaur gate is not for wimps or those with attachments to their human egos or lives! It is much bigger than anything you ever imagined. I have been journeying with it the past few months. My human mind is way too limited to understand the scope of this gate, but my heart and soul knows that it is time to move on. We live in the time of great prophecies, the time that the bible speaks of in Revelations, of the wars between heaven and earth, the time of great darkness, weeping and wailing and gnashing of teach. 

I was chosen as Gatekeeper fot this gate for a reason. I believe in something much greater than my human ego, I believe in FOREVER, but not just here, not just on this planet. Humans have lost their scope of the magnitude of creation and our part in it as minuscule. Ever since I was a child, I would look longingly at the stars saying.... "I want to come HOME!

Extinction doesn't happen overnight, it takes decades, even thousands of years for a species to die out. But we are already on our way to a long slow extinction process with the way we are going. Why not speed things up by going through the Dinosaur gate at this time in human history when the opportunity it there with all the gates wide open? Human life on this planet has always been about war and violence, that has not changed and will not ever change. 

The percentage that have evolved is too small to be measured. Those who believe in life beyond, those who remember who they are, where they come from and where they are going... they know what I am talking about. It is time to wake up to the reality of what is happening and where we are going as a species. It is time to know who you are above and beyond your human self!


Michelle said...

Definitely shows our existence in the grand scheme. Its so important to our Mother for the human race to know and understand what we are doing to her and take action, Great blog Maryrose!

Gypsymoon said...

I remember the first time I seen a discovery channel show on the book of revelations. They portrayed people just vanishing off the planet to go back with Christ as promised in the Bible. My first thought was it's already beginning, people are just to limited to see it. The natural disasters everywhere is the creators way to gently take out the trash killing the planet. Looking at it as a choice to walk through a gate is a very exciting thought. Working the 12 steps in recovery is about removing the Ego and letting go of the material existence, for me anyways, I am willing to walk through that gate. When you first explained the gates to me, it was the one I wanted to attempt to get through first, even before I understood it on this level, I just wanted my addictions to become extinct.

What an exciting post!! Thank you for the thought provoking subject!

Rose said...

When I first read this post, it immediately got my hackles up! I had to think about it quite hard because I actually agree with pretty much everything you said. Humanity has been here such a short time and we are a plague, a virus and we do deserve to become extinct.

But the choice to become extinct... I can't do it. Not when phrased like this, it feels like suicide and there is something inside me that resists that. Otherwise I would be gone already. The time does not feel right either, However I am willing for that choice to be in the great whatevers metaphorical hands....

If it is time for me to be gone, then I wil be gone. If it is time for humanity to go then they, we will be gone. I am not sure if being willing to surrender that choice to the powers that be is enough to walk through this gate?

MaryRose Lessoway said...

Rose- this gate is not for everyone - like I said, extinction can take decades, even millenium to complete. Some will go through the gate now as precursors to start the process. Everyone needs to know their place , know what gates fit with what you are living and dreamin.

WampumBlueRaven said...

Like the way you put things in perspective Mary-Rose in the grand sheme of things and the connection of Mother Earth.
I am still travelling, dinosaur have been a running theme from Montreal to the Northern Quebec and now Timmins...
- from Nigel Marven Dinosaur episode- who I discovered through a friend and her child
to gathering family tree information and stories..
I will keep you posted.

MaryRose Lessoway said...

The dinosaur gate turned out to be about ORIGINS instead of Extinction. I had to take some people back in time to find their tree of knowledge to get the bigger picture of their family story. We can get lost in the pain and hurt of the issues and baggage carried down from generation to generation... but when we see where we began and the beauty of our ancestral lineage, it inspires a sense of awe.

Glad to see the journey is ongong for you WBR!! Looking forward to seeing where it takes you.

Lisa F. Tardiff said...

It certainly shows how much of an EGO humanity actually has....

I understand why so many of these previous creatures are no longer on EARTH.... There comes a time when we have to admit -- it's our time to go!

Great blog entry.
Loved the knowledge shared.
AND your perspective of it all.


MaryRose Lessoway said...

I was thinking about the extinct species as well Lisa... and it seems like there was a planned exodus from this planet. We all come here to experience something then move on to other experiences.

Thanks for your feedback.


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