Monday, January 12, 2009


What we call Medicine Wheels today were called SACRED CIRCLES by our Ancestors, who say that these were given to us by the Star People. 
The Wheel is a map of Natural and Cosmological laws that help us to survive and thrive on this Earth, so that we may live in harmony and balance with all life. The Lakota Elder Black Elk said that when we stopped living in round houses (teepee's) that the Sacred Hoop was broken and humans lost their connection with Nature. That was the beginning of a downward spiral of destruction that is evident in the world today. 

The Sacred Circle is about CREATION- LIFE! When we lay down the stones of a wheel, we are creating an electric-magnetic force that magnifies the energies of the environment where that wheel is placed.

On the Medicine Wheel, there are Four Directions: 
- EAST for New Beginnings. Sunrise, Spring, Child, Birth, Water, Sage

- SOUTH is for Noon, Summer, Adolescence, Fire, Cedar
- WEST is for Sunset, endings, Autumn, Adulthood, Air, Sweetgrass
- NORTH is Midnight, Winter, Elder, Earth, Tobacco

The Wheel can be seen everywhere, in everything. It is in the circles of our Eyes, in the roundness of birds’ nest and the spiraling of a plants as they grow.  The Earth circles the Sun,the Moon circles the Earth, creating day and night and the four seasons.

When we lay down a circle of stones, the wheel may appear to be flat, but it is actually a 3-dimensional energy force, that spirals down into the earth and up towards the sky. 

On the Medicine Wheel that I learned from Lisa Foss Tardiff (Okwaho Lablanc) of the Eastern tribes… there are 36 stones. Some wheels have as little as 4 - others have over 200. Each stone gives us a different perspective, they all rotate around the Center where Creator resides. If we place the Creator at the Center of all our activities, we would be able to manifest our own Divinity. But today, ego has become the focus – we have lost our awareness of our place in Creation. Humans have put themselves above all others, considering other species, plant and animal, to be less important. 
By returning to Sacred Circle living, and knowing our place in the grander scheme of life - we can all find harmony and balance in today’s world and live according to what Creator and Creation intended.

I teach the Medicine wheel and hold Sacred circles twice a month on the New Moon and Full Moon. If you would like me to come to you to do a wheel, you can contact me at


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