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The Full Moon is when we have our Women's Circle. A traditional Full Moon Circle would have been called a Moonlodge, but today we don't have the initiated Matriarchs to host the lodges. So we hold W omen's Full Moon Circles in order to connect with Grandmother Moon and each other in order, to work on our issues and become strong Women. Full Moon Circles are about working with our personal processes.

In general, in Sacred Circles, we lay down a wheel of 36 stones with four candles for each of the Four Directions and one for the Centre. We also drum, chant and pray. We pass the talking stick and share our stories, looking for common ground amongst the participants in the group. We believe in the healing power of sharing our stories or experiences. We also listen for the messages from the Wheel, Grandmother Moon and the Winds.

For this particular Circle, I brought out some collage materials for the women to find images that inspire and empower them.

The themes that were shared were:
- Guilt: Not feeling like a good-enough Mother. Guilt is considered by our Ancestors to be a "Nightmare".

- Making Decisions: Another woman was dealing with choices in her work place. This is the DEER GATE on the Medicine Wheel.

- Depression, feelings of apathy, worthlessness and lack of motivation. This could be a number of places on the Wheel, depending on the individual. This is a common challenge, and a very difficult one - with the long hours of darkness in the North and extreme cold that we have been experiencing, depression could be related to the natural cycles of Light and Dark. It is also a collective theme. Each one of us has to do their part to overcome the heaviness and darkness, to not fall into despair when faced with hardships. We are given challenges to make us strong.

- Another woman was dealing with illness and career pressures.

- The theme of overcoming our internalized programs from Religious upbringing was brought up. This is also an ongoing issue for most of us and it requires that we be aware of our ingrained thought patterns in order to move forward.

The Message from Grandmother Moon this Month is to surrender to Life, to the Unknown, to that which is bigger than us. It is a time of NO CHOICE, CHANGE and DEATH… of the Limitations and Illusions that hold us back from our Divine Natures.

Every issue that was brought up was brought back to the Wheel. This way we could use its' wisdom to guide us so we may learn our lessons, find direction, healing and resolution.

My Personal Process:

With the recent death of my Mother, I am doing Life-review and preparing for the next stage of my life. It is not an easy time, this time of grieving and letting go of the past seven years that I spent with my Parents in their final years. At times, I feel disconnected from my feelings and other times, I sink into deep despair and hopelessness, not having a Vision for my Future. I can only allow this process to unfold and trust that which is unseen will be made visible at the right time.

If I use this time of inward looking and looking back, I will see where I have been and maybe then I will see where I am going. It is yet another major life transition for me and I am in my cocoon, growing my wings so my Spirit can fly free once again.

Until then, I surrender to the wisdom of Grandmother Moon, accepting where I am and doing what I can. I am ending a Seven-year Wheel and preparing to start an entirely new one. It is important to complete things, to "tie the knots, then release the past in order to go forward. Writing my stories is one way that I am doing this.




Today, I am on the Moon stone of Surrender, and living the dark side of this Moon, due to abandonment issues from childhood. You might also say that I am on the BLACK ROAD, walking from East to West... This is the ROAD OF DIFFICULTIES, as opposed from the RED ROAD that goes from South to North.

The wheel involves both light and dark, day and night....... It teaches us how to find balance in the darkest of nights, as well as the brightest of times.

When I am in a difficult place, I know that I am on the dark side of the Wheel, and that I need to go through the dark to get back to the Light. I try not to judge the dark, but my Western programs tell me it is wrong to be (unhapppy, depressed, angry, etc...)... so I then have to deal with these programs before I can even get to the source of the issue. I try to accept where I am, be honest with myself... only then can I change the emotional programs in my body.

When I am feeling emotional, I know that I am on one of the "13 MOONS". The Moons are our Inner Children, our EMOTIONAL BODY which are formed during the first 13 years of life.

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