Wednesday, January 21, 2009


The Medicine Wheel was given to us by the Star People so that we may connect with the Earth and the Stars and remember Sacredness, magic and Inter-connectedness. 

The Wheel that I work with was taught to me by my Teacher/Shaman, Lisa, Foss Tardiff, aka Okwaho Lablanc. This wheel has 36 stones on it.

The Anchors are the first stones that we lay down, like the four poles that we put up when building a tipi, or four cornerstones of a building. The Anchors are what ground us in the world of matter. Without them, the tipi would fly away, the building would collapse. Our work in the mundane world is also what grounds and anchors us to reality. 

The FOUR WINDS are also known as Challenges, Roles. They are the FOUR DIRECTIONS that orientate us in time and space.

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