Friday, April 17, 2009


In Aboriginal Traditions, we try to finish our wheels in wisdom and gratitude. If, when we come to the end of an experience, we are dissatisfied, ungrateful, bitter or confused - it means that we may need to repeat the experience again in order to get the lessons that were presented to us.

I am coming to the end of my 7 years in my hometown, caring for my parents in their final years, after being away for over 30 years . And I can finally say that I love this place that I was born in, grew up in. As a child, I was often unhappy here, although my life had many great experiences as well as difficult ones. In the end, I see how this northern Alberta town with its long, cold winters and farmer's work-oriented mentality... has taught me how to be disciplined and grounded. Here I learned to appreciate the traditional values of family and hard work.

The time has come to start preparing to leave the town of my birth for the last time. It will be a slow process of letting go of all that I lived here, not yet knowing where I am going, but trusting that the Wheel will guide me as long as I pay attention to its messages.

I give thanks for the lessons and hardships that gave me strength, truth and wisdom. May I walk with humility, courage, balance, strength, truth, wisdom, prosperity and abundance on this next spin of the Wheel, the next chapter of my life.



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