Monday, July 6, 2009


I have been completely immersed in a major life transition this past year. My Dad died on November 6, 2004 and Mom crossed over on November 10, 2008. I was with her and my Dad for the past 7 years, taking care of them and helping them to make their journey to the Stars. It was an exchange, as I got so much in return. I learned about my Role as Keeper of the Elders and Keeper of the Dead. I lost my role with my Mom, as I could not let go of my personal attachment to her. It was a difficult time, with many challenges, lessons and rewards. 
At the same time, I went through an initiation with my Tribe and Teachers, where I was thrown out of the community and had to find my way back. I had gone into ego, attachments and was going the wrong way on my path. It took a lot of determination, commitment, humility and strength to find my way back. It took me nine months.
Now I am preparing to sell my house, the one that my parents lived in for 36 years. I don't know where I am going yet. I will take time to dream with it. This is a big change and I know that there are still many adventures and dreams waiting to be lived.
Last night, I watched the movie "The NeverEnding Story". It showed how the "Nothing" was engulfing the entire land of Fantasia, because humans had lost their ability to listen to their dreams and to make wishes. They had lost hope. 

For me, it is important to have hope, to wish and dream. I know that some of my wishes come from ego, or fear... but when I get to the real wish behind the fear based ones... I find my heart and soul wanting to grow and fulfill my life purpose on this earthwalk. 

I have an idea of where I am going next, but only time will tell. Meanwhile, I will continue to hope, wish and dream for a good life and a better world for us all. Let's not give up hope. It is important to believe in magic and see it in our everyday lives.


This photo is of a moth that landed on my drum bag when I was in the Caribbean visiting my son and recuperating after the death of my Mom. It showed up when I was going to bed and was still there the next morning. Then I realized it was dying. It seemed to like the beaded design on my drum bag. 

Then it was dead. It touched me so deeply that I had to sit with it and see the connection to my journey. I felt a deep letting go and took the moth to the ocean and let the wind take it home.

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