Monday, July 6, 2009

Earth Changers

It is interesting that I meant to title this Earth Changes, and it came out as "Earth Changers". It will make sense once you read the story that follows. Sometimes, slips of the hand or tongue carry truth in them.

With so much talk of climate change and global warming, what can we as individuals do to make a difference?

When I first heard of the Earth Changes it was at Grandmother Twylah's Nitsch's place, the Seneca Indian Reserve near Buffalo, New York, in 1991 . I listened as Elders from all over Turtle Island spoke of their legends and prophecies. They had never met before, but there predictions were all the same... huge changes, land shifts, rising seas, earthquakes, storms... etc. I felt afraid.

One day, I was showing a young child the sacred altar that Grandmother had created. It consisted of a circle of huge pine trees. We had to crawl on hands and knees to go inside. In the middle was an altar made of shale slabs built up. On the stones were many offerings left behind by others: tobacco, small statues, stones and so on.

We brought our offerings and said our prayers, when suddenly the Wind picked up fiercely, tearing at our hair and clothes. I thought of the Earth changes and said, "Run", and we tried to get out from under the trees, but a huge branch swung and hit me right in the eye, stopping me dead in my tracks.

I realized what I was doing. I was creating fear in this young child. I told her to come back and we sat down calmly in the circle. The Wind passed and I felt foolish. I explained to the Child that we do not have to be afraid, we can create a center of peace in the midst of the storm.

That night a storm hit. I was sleeping in a small dome tent under a large tree and it felt like the tent was going to lift right up off the ground, the wind was so strong. Again, I became afraid and got up to run. Then I sat back and reasoned, "Where would I go?"

I sat back down, took out my drum and began chanting. A soft chant came through me and I felt soothed by it. The storm continued raging outside, but my tent stopped shaking! I was amazed and relieved, to say the least. It was pure magic!

From these experiences, I realized how our fear can create more chaos and difficulties in our lives. If we can be centered and grounded, in trust and sacredness, we will be protected, we will be safe. We are loved and valued, we are powerful and creative beings. We can make a difference, by merely changing our perspective from one of fear to one of trust, peace and surrender.

The Earth changes happen with or without us... but humans are definitely having an impact on how fast things are changing with the poisoning of the air, earth and water. Mother Earth can only take so much before she has to purify herself.

We are living in incredible times of change and opportunity, with the awakening of consciousness and rebirth. If we see it not as an end, but as a beginning... what do we want to create and how? What thoughts, feelings and actions do we take to make things better for all life on the body of Mother Earth?

If we are in fear, greed, selfishness, etc... we create negatively and destructive forces. If we trust, grow and love - we can create a better world for the generations to come.

Before rebirth, there has to be a death of some kind. Let our old programs and habits that no longer serve in Creation and wholeness be the that which dies. Let us find new ways of living in harmony with Nature, Mother and all our Relations!


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