Tuesday, September 15, 2009


...into the beat of the heart i felt. this mysterious cacophony, pounding my pulsing blood. I couldn't feel my pulse at first. then we drummed. the circle became a single beat. then the earth connected to us. i could imagine this connection vividly. as if we were at the equator of a sphere, and at its base below our feet into the ground the sphere connected. that was mother earth connecting us all. we drummed more and each of us released who we were and all joined as one.


This wonderful poetic description comes from my nephew Brent who attended an Aboriginal drumming circle that a group of us did at our local Heritage Days this summer. I had asked the participants who joined us, to put their hand over their heart, to feel it beating, then start to drum to the rhythm of their own heart. What happens naturally within minutes is that all the drums synchronize and we become one with each other and with the Heartbeat of Mother Earth.

It is a great pleasure for me to share this path with others. Drumming circles always are Magical and Healing.

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