Monday, October 26, 2009


About H1N1.........I've been listening to CBC radio a lot lately and they have been talking about H1N1, also known as the swine flu. On one of the phone-in shows, I was amazed and impressed at how many people are actually questioning the side effects or efficiency of the vaccination. Yet, the most vulnerable ones, elders and children and pregnant women are taking it because they are afraid of getting the swine flu.

Personally, I think this flu thing is blown way out of proportion, just like the news story I heard about the big fuss about a man who committed suicide after a regression therapy workshop. Not to deny the pain of this man or his family, but no one mentioned how many people commit suicide after seeing a medical doctor or taking prescription drugs for depression or other similar conditions. Sometimes I wonder if someone is orchestrating the whole flu virus situation... why is it that a remote Indian reserve on the West Coast of Canada got hit so hard a year ago? It reminds me of the diseased blankets they were handing out to our Ancestors when they first placed them on reserves.....

I don't deny anyone's right to choose, some may need it for various reaons... but I will not take the flu shot. I remember when my Mom said she wouldn't take any more flu shots because they made her sick. She never got the flu after that either, and she lived to be 90 years old.

Personally, I believe in prevention.. eating right, taking natural vitamins, organic when possible, and if I see signs of illness... I ask myself... why am I getting sick at this particular time when there are always germs in the air? Usually, it is about me feeling vulnerable, insecure, tired, stressed, having internal struggles or issues... in some kind of process.. something simple like that. When I become aware of these things and just take good care of myself and do my inner work, the symptoms usually go away.

My son did research on the side effects of the flu shots... and it seems that people can get nerve damage from them. I heard this also on the news and looked it up online. Are these things also contributing to diseases that affects the nervous system? It is hard to know who or what to believe these days when everyone seems to be out to make a buck.

We are creating super viruses because we overdo it with vaccinations and antibiotics... even using anti-bacterial soaps. Anyone who knows anything about nature will know that everything in nature has a built-in survival mechanism. Bacteria or viruses are the greatest survivors on the planet. They adapt and convert to overcome anything that tries to kill it by becoming stronger.

At the same time, we are making our immune systems weaker because we are a society that is afraid of germs. My parents drank water from sloughs and it didn't do them any harm. I am more afraid of all the chemicals in our food, air and water than germs. Germs have always been around, chemicals are relatively new to our physical environment. Our bodies need centuries to adapt to foreign agents in our cells.

Unfortunately, we are forcing overdoses of sugar and toxic chemicals into our systems. We spew out pollutants into our air and water, we have excess electricity and radiation bouncing around, penetrating our skulls daily... and we wonder why so many people are sick and dying of horrible diseases.

I say look at the cause and start there, make the necessary changes. If this flu does become a pandemic, it will be because we caused it from years of abuse of chemicals and toxins. In the meantime, I am not going to live my life in fear of what might happen.

Some of neighbors, an older couple told me that they don't want to leave their house this winter because they are afraid they might get the swine flu. They have been influenced by the news. If it happens to me, then I will deal with it, but why take vaccinations that can do harm to my body, for something that may never happen?

This is my stance. I am not saying that it is for everyone. Every person has the right to do what feels right for them, and respect the choices that others make. What really does not sit right with me is the idea of imposing the vaccinations on everyone.

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