Thursday, October 29, 2009

H1N1 - What is Going On?

With all the opposing theories on the swine flu and even the so-called evidence that is questionable, what is a person to think? After hours of online research, I feel that there is one thing that is being overlooked. It is a catch-22 kind of thing.

With respect to those who have lost someone to this disease, I don't believe that vaccinations are the answer. There are seriously harmful ingredients in the vaccines. These ingredients have been known to cause severe and permanent nerve damage in many people. There is so much evidence out there, so I won't reiterate it all here. But I will include some links throughout this post, that I feel are worth checking out.

In all of this, what I see as the bottom line is that we have created a society of unhealthy people with weakened immune systems. Those who have been taking vaccinations for years and eat poorly, have almost become dependent on medical drugs to alleviate their systems. The problem is that the drugs don't cure the problem,they just mask it and create a weakened defense system.

Viruses mutate every once in a while, causing an outbreak of illness and even deaths.

The thing is that the more we try to fight these strains, the stronger the viruses become and the weaker our immune systems become. We need to get the flu in order to develop resistance to it. The symptoms, runny nose, fever, etc... are the bodies defense mechanism's way of taking out the weak cells in our systems. We actually need to get colds and flu's in order to be healthy.

It is better NOT to find a cure for the common cold. It has a purpose, it keeps us from getting worse illnesses. And those antihistamines only stop the body from doing its job.

With all the electrical energy, microwaves, cell phones, etc... bombarding us every day, our nervous systems are being compromised as it is... then to add chemicals to foods and prescription drugs that further destroy our systems.... it is no wonder we are seeing more and more mental, emotional and neurological disorders in young and old.

What can we do? Well, eat organic, local food is possible. Reduce the electricity in your homes, cut down on cell phone use and microwaves ovens... live simply.

On another level, do not panic! They call it a pandemic for a reason... it creates fear in people, making them easy to manipulate.

Although I am thankful for the internet and television that brings us all together, I have noticed that when I lived in BC in the mountains and ate organic, my nerves were calm. Since moving to Alberta and living in a busy city, these past few I have felt something was wrong with my nervous system and it seems to be getting worse. It makes sense to me now, that it comes from the modern overuse of electricity and chemicals in our food.

But, I refuse to live my life in fear, there is enough of that in the world. It permeates the air, entering my body and wreaking havoc on my already affected nerves. I stop and breath, I let go of fear, and I go about my business as usual, while trying to walk lightly on the earth. I am using less electricity, eating organic, walking more, getting out of town more to let Mother nature heal me. we need her now more than ever. Let's not forget to connect with her and allow her love to carry us.

There is also something wonderful happening in all of this... people are waking up! It is a time of great challenges, and great opportunities. A time to make conscious choices in our lives.

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