Sunday, November 1, 2009

H1N1 - The Bottom LIne

After days of online research and listening to the news on radio and TV, I am convinced that this swine flu scare is totally unnecessary. With millions of people dying every year from breast cancer, tuberculosis and other illnesses, the flu is just another way of nature balancing things out.

If we are going to panic with each new mutation of the virus, we should think about how we are causing the it to mutate in the first place. We need to stop using antibiotics and vaccinations for every little thing. Granted, there are people whose immune systems are not strong and they need the extra help. That is where I see the vaccinations being important. But the rest of us should just up our vitamins at this time of year and if we do get the flu, do what we always do, rest in bed and drink plenty of fluids.

The annual flu is just as bad or worse than the H1N1 virus. Just because it is a new strain, that is no reason to panic. Apparently, they are finding out that it is milder than they thought it would be. It seems that some strains that mutate are really powerful, but others have elements of previous strains, making them less potent. The problem is that doctors prescribe antibiotics and vaccinations for every little thing. This compromises our immune systems, making people more susceptible when something more deadly comes along.

The chances of dying from the swine flu are about 1 in every 250,000. More people die in car crashes. And vaccines have also been known to be contaminated. Worst of all, I still couldn't find anyone saying what the exact ingredients are in the vaccines, which makes me wonder. Why the secrecy? It's not the swine ingrediants, its the other stuff they put in them that worries me.

The media peddles fear because fear mongering gets attention. The doctors prescribe vaccines to cover their butts, in case it does get bad, no one can say they didn't do anything. The pharmaceutical companies are making a fortune, which is paid for out of our taxes. They are the real culprits in all of this.
Many people take the vaccines because they are told to by their doctors and they are scared or their doctor is god to them. I can't say I blame anyone for being afraid with all the hype out there. Still, life offers no guarantees, and whatever we decide, it is good to get as much information as possible.

And now..... there seems that there is not enough vaccines to go around. People are being told to go home after waiting in line for up to six hours. What a crazy world we live in.

I wish everyone a good sleep without fear.


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