Thursday, December 17, 2009


December 21, 2009 is Winter Solstice. This is the longest night of the year and up here in Northern Alberta,  Ca nada, we really notice this phenomenon. Sunrise occurs after 9 am now and the sun disappears as early as 4 pm. - less than 8 hours of sunlight.

For our Ancestors, this time of year would be even more significant with no electricity to light up the night. Today, we barely notice the darkness as streetlights and house lights blotting out the darkness in cities and towns. Not to mention the many Christmas lights. It is as if we are trying to ward off the darkness.

On the Medicine Wheel, there is a balance of light and dark, day and night. The wheel of a day starts in the East where the sun rises and cycles around to the West where the sun sets. Only at this time of year, the sun rises in the southeast and sets in the southwest, for us Northerners/

The Wheel follows the laws of nature, but humans often try to counteract nature's cycles. If we had only campfires to give light and warmth on the colderst and darkest night of the year, we would  truly know what it is to be in darkness. 

Tradtionally, our Aboriginal Ancestors would use the Winter Solstice to make wishes, to ask Creator to help them survive through the long months ahead. Today, we still make wishes on the Solstice, we still look at what it is that we need to survive. But our needs are different today.

With the economy at a low, many people will want to wish for the means by which to make ends meet, or to be able to live in comfort, or to be strong and have the time, energy and ability to deal with the financial challenges the this winter brings. It appears that businesses are suffering as people are spending less for Christtmas this year. 

Wishes are a serious business. We make wishes constantly without realizing it. To make consious wishes, we follow the wisdom of the Wheel. Wishes come under the Firekeeper section in the Northeast. It has to do with our desires and passions, that which starts the fire of creation. With that spark, we are starting a wheel that will last for a year. We will have to deal with the challenges and consequences of what we wished for. So a wise person will consider their wishes carefully before making them. We can work for weeks even months on our wishes. I find it helpful to visualize myself carrying out my desired wishes. I thnk of the work involved and wonder if I am ready, willing and able to commit to this wheel for the next year.

With the Blue Moon coming into the picture on New Year's Eve... the Solstice is tied to it and the wishes will continue to be brought to life for the next three years (the Blue Moon only occurs every 3 years).

This BlueMoon and Solstice are stronger than past ones, as are all cosmological and natural occurrences seem to be these past few years. This is most likely due to the earth shifts and the upcoming 2012, which is a 26,000 year cycle or Wheel.

the point is to be aware and clear in your intentions. Make your wishes humble, realistic and obtainable. And be ready to do the work. You can use the wheel to make your wishes. One wish for each direction and the center, 5 in all. In the end, it is best to make one wish and use the wheel to spin through the different phases of the wish... asking for illumination in the EAST, for courage, strength, and the love to do the work required with the challenges and obstacles that will come up for you. The West is about what you hope to learn, and the North is the wisdom and gratitude you will have from the experience. 

Making wishes is not about pie in the sky fantasies. It is about asking the Universe to support you in finding beauty and abundance in your life! It is like lighting a candle and watching it become like the Sun itself that nourishes life and growth!


Michelle said...

Your post was brought me to think of our ancestors who would wish for the buffalo to feed the tribe or health so that they could florish as a people maybe it was to be a better hunter, listener, story teller I want my wishes to help those around me, to heal I have a few wishes but I want to work on them to have them be meaningful and clear.

Wheelkeeper said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts Michelle.
It is important to be clear about what we want. The Universe can't help us otherwise. I learned a lot about wishes with they awakening of my Wishmaster and the impulsiveness of my

It is also good think of how our wishes impact others... but also to trust that what we wish for will make us happier people with more love, time and energy to give to others. Sometimes we have to go through the good-for-nothing wishes to get to the deeper ones.

Many people don't know how to ask for what they want for themselves.... are not in touch with their own needs. We start with ourselves and let the wish grow and expand to include others naturally, as the circle expands outwards from our center.



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