Monday, January 4, 2010

BLUE MOON & 2010

Happy New Year to All!

The Blue Moon occurs only every 3 years and this year it coincided with New Years Eve, which is really incredible. Natural time and man-made time seem to be synchronizing. The Blue Moon Ritual that we did brought us through gates which we will be going through for the next 3 years, until the next Blue Moon in August of 2012.

For those who don't know the Medicine Wheel that we use, and want to know more, you can email me for more information. We hold Medicine Wheel Circles twice Monthly in Grande Prairie, Alberta.

2010 is bringing lots of change in preparation for 2012. Things are moving and changing fast and we need to go with the flow or be left behind. "Expect the unexpected" is the motto for this year and it seems to be happening. 

The challenges we face are showing us what we need to learn and overcome, let go of or surrender to. Look for repetitions in order to get the messages spirit is bringing. It is time to open to new experiences, new lessons and new ways of being.

For me, this year is about facing persecution and seeing the humour in life. I also am being told to tell my stories and share the teachings through my own experiences of them. In Shamanism, our personal stories show our power or medicine, our history and what we have learned. We share the wisdom of our lessons, so others can learn from us.

As I enter into the Elder phase of my life, I am happy to pass the coyote gate on the outer loop of the Dreaming. It is helping me to look at life with a sense of humour and lighten up, as I tend to take things too seriously.

The Turtle gate, which is the inner loop of the Dreaming, is a pleasure for me to be at. When doing the ritual to pass through it, I felt such love, humility and honored to be walking the path of the Ancestors who lived and died to preserve the sacred ways.

There is a collective gate that we all pass through. This year it is the DInosaur gate... which is about EXTINCTION! This can be a scary thing, if you think about all the prophecies of 2012. But it is also a good thing, because it is an opportunity to leave behind old patterns, thoughts, feelings, behaviours... that are dysfunctional and keeping us from our abundance and power.

For those who don't make it through the gates, you will have 3 years to master the challenges being brought to you. It is not a failure, it is about knowing where you are at and what you need to do to go forward at the next Blue Moon. There is a reason you don't pass, and it could be hurtful for you to go through the gate when you are not ready. 

Follow the Dreaming and see what it is showing you. All is well and in place. Trust is essential at times of uncertainty. We can't see or comprehend what is before us, but we can take one step at a time and make every step a prayer.



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