Sunday, January 10, 2010

GATEWAYS: I - Raven and Wolf Gates

Near the center of the Medicine Wheel there are 16 gateways, which could also be called Portals or Doorways to the Dreaming. We must pass two gates, on the outer and inner loops, in order to get to the Dreaming at the Center of the Wheel where the Creator resides. Once there we have access to the Collective Dream.

On the Blue Moon, New Years Eve, December 31, 2009 - some people did rituals to pass through their gates. The Blue Moon is special because it only occurs only every 3 years. This year it was especially strong due to the Earth shifts. The energies are intensifying. 

When we pass these gates on the Blue Moon, we do not enter the Dreaming in the same way as usual. We find ourselves at the center of the Blue Moon, the 13th Moon, which is about Visions, not dreams. It is an opportunity to see what the Future brings. Each gate has a gatekeeper who may or may not let you through, depending on many things. It is a test or initiation to see if you are ready.  

This year it seems that many people in our circle here in GP and other places are at or have passed through the Raven (aka the Crow, blackbird or Blue Jay) gate. My son and his girlfriend who live in Miami had an amazing experience with this gate. They were driving over a bridge and out of nowhere, a murder of Crows, hundreds of them, flew around and over them....the  literally passed through the Raven gate!!!  It is  interesting that we say a `murder`of crows...

Raven, Crow, Blackbirds and Bluejays are all part of the same family. They are all tricksters. In our teachings, they are about UNRESOLVE.  It is the place between living and dying... the land of lost souls. Those who watch TV, may know of the show Ghost Whisperer. The leading character is a classic example of someone who is a master of Raven medicine. She helps earth bound spirits to move on to the light, by helping them with unfinished business or unresolved issues.

Everyone is at a different place when it comes to mastering this Medicine. Some who are at the gate, but do not pass it, will have the next 3 years to 
work on it. Those who do pass the gate, like my son and his friend, are finding themselves helping others with their unresolved issues.

On New Years Eve, they ended up meditating in silence on the beach at midnight, while party-goers partied around them. They created a center of calm in the midst of chaos. These signs and experiences are making it obvious what gate they went through.

Once you pass a gate, you will be passing it for the next 3 years over and over again... and will become more acquainted with it as you go along in your daily affairs.

My son and friend are starting up a new business, a circle arts school with a difference...... the focus is on circus training as a form of fitness and health. But there is more than meets the eye here. In the midst of a recession when people are in fear and poverty consciousness... they are creating a center built on faith, trust, abundance consiousness, sharing and community!

....This brings us to the 2nd gate, on the inner loop of the wheel. The outer gate represents your outer reality, your surrounding environment. The inner gate is our inner attitude, how you respond to the outer gate. 

By bringing together community and helping others find their path and purpose in life, they went through the WOLF gate. They are being ALPHA WOLVES, leaders who show the way, pathfinders and trailblazers. 

Miami, Florida is a place that once had many Medicine Wheel circles on it, spread out all over the state. But they were moved them in order to develop on the land. That was the  year they had 7 hurricanes in Florida!! You can`t mess with things you don`t understand without repercussions. Medicine Wheels are vortexes, places of power, they focus the energies of the land and nourish the earth.

My son and his girlfriend are creating a center, a vortex... a place where people can come and find healing, health and maybe even resolution to old ways of thinking and seeing reality. Already they are shaking up peoples beliefs about competitiveness in business and scarcity fears.

The amount of people at the Raven gate right now shows a need to work with the lost, to accept, acknowledge unresolved issues. This takes skill and hard work, but mostly honesty, since many people would rather ignore their issues and pretend all is well. But this hurts MOTHER EARTH because the accumulated baggage goes into her body. She has been taking our shit for eons now and it has built up to a point where she is ready to shake us off like fleas off a dog. 

This is the time that the bible has prophesied about over 8000 years ago. It is the time of countless predictions from many cultures and religions. So it is not like no one knew this was coming. As much darkness and despair going around, there is also a new wave of consciousness spreading across the globe.

There are many Star People in position to help bring humans to a new level of awareness. The time is critical, but there has been much planning and readiness for this. We don`t know what will happen, but we do know that we must ASSUME OUR POSITIONS, find our power and medicine, and be on our path..... so that we may do what we came here to do.... help with the transformation in whatever form it takes.

For those who are at the Raven gate, their task is to work in the land of the lost. 



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