Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Moon of Welcoming Moonlodge

We are so blessed to have a group of such strong women coming together every FULL MOON to share and bond. The bonds are growing stronger as new women join us and add their stories to ours.

On Saturday, January 31, we entered a New 13 Moon cycle. This is a great opportunity to start another journey with the Grandmothers, the Goddesses, the Feminine and our Inner children.

The circle was profound to say the least. Everyone feels that the circles are growing more incredible every time. Maybe it is the energies of a new cycle,  or the previous BLUE MOON. Maybe it is because we have been meeting with the same group for years and going to a deeper level of intimacy, trust and love amongst us.

Whatever the reason, I know that I was deeply touched by these amazing women. I asked them to share their birth stories, seeing as we are in the Birth or Welcoming Moon. How were they welcomed into the world? Were they wanted or unwanted? 

One woman, J. was premature and put in an incubator with too much oxygen which damaged her eyesight.

Another M. was a surprise baby whose Mom was 14 years old, yet she was welcomed. 
J's  Dad died 4 months before her birth. Her Mom was  depressed,  a single parent who had health issues.
A. was born 3 days after her parents got married.
H. was given to her Grandparents at age 14, which is the 2nd cycle of the Moons, a repeat of the Moon of Welcoming. She felt rejected by her parents. 

Whether we are welcomed or rejected at birth, we can change the pattern of self-rejection. My Mom was sedated when I was born. She was 2 days in labor with me. I once did a re-birthing and remembered how I felt when I came into the world. I felt my Mom's absence and her acceptance of what the Doctors did. I felt alone, a vast void opened up. The world was a huge place without the comfort of Mother's arms around me. I was born with the Caul intact. This is the thin skin that envelops us in the womb. Usually it dissolves during the labour, being so fragile. It is supposed to mean something special, being so rare. Sailors would dry the skin and take it to sea, with the belief that it would bring good luck. Others think it means you are psychic. To me it has felt like a protection and that for most of my life, part of me was still in the womb of creation, a safe and nourishing place where I was one with all that is.

But when my body came into this world, I was not welcomed by my Mother. Like many others, I was put in a cold sterile hospital nursery. Over the years, I  learned that I can also reject others, be detached and cold and distant. The first breath leaves its imprint on our souls, but with consciousness and intent, we can change the patterns of broken moons. We can heal them and become the fullness that we rightfully are...  we can become as full and round as Grandmother Moon at her peak. We can heal our inner children, and become powerful Medicine Women and incredible Goddess  of love, light, truth and wisdom!



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