Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Personal Moon cycles

Each year we have experiences and lessons related to the Moon we are in according to our birth year.(See Chart Below). We go around the same Moons every 13 years from birth to death, so there is ample time to do our emotional or inner child healing.

This year I am back in the Moon of Territoriality for the fifth time in my life.  This is a tough one for me, having grown up in a large family with little or no personal space. Physical, verbal and emotional abuse also is an invasion of one's territory. When a Moon is traumatized, we call it a "Broken Moon". A piece of us is broken or missing and we have to do soul retrieval work to call back the part of us that left. Then we have to work with the inner child to heal him or her. 

Age 6 is the Moon of Territoriality. My 6 year old was terribly broken and over the years I have done the work and find I am finally realizing that I have a place in this world and that I have a right to defend myself and my sacred space. 

Recently, I had a taste of where I am with this healing process. I had booked some rooms in a local center to teach my Tarot Classes. We had already done our first session and were about to start a second one this weekend. But yesterday, I learned that the room I was to use was booked for someone else for two of our sessions. The center offered me other spaces, none of which were suitable. I acquiesced at first, but as I left, I felt myself literally getting sick, my throat hurt and my body felt weakened all of a sudden.

This was a sign of something and I knew that I had not spoken up for myself, that once more I let people literally push me around! So I called them back and said this was not acceptable and that we had to talk. I am going in today to tell them that I will find another place to hold my classes. 

There is more to this story of course. They charge too much for the space for one thing, giving only a very small percentage to the instructors. I need to be valued for what I do (4th Moon of Value). 

Look at the chart below and see what Moon you are living according to your age.


Rose said...

Thank you for sharing this chart. I can see some patterns here straightaway. I am in the Moon of Breaking Masks having come out of the Moon of Surrender a few months ago. Last time I was in the Moon of Surrender I had a nervous breakdown caused largely by my inability to deal with events from three years before. The Moon of Breaking Masks was fro me in the time before an intense year of relearning and restructuring my world and how I view, a year of very intense growth.

Meeting Lisa online and joining the Medicine Wheel group and growing into my spirituality as I am at the moment is again restructuring my life and completely changing how I see things. This time round though, it is a much, much happier moon for me!

I have a lot more thinking about these moons to do!

Lisa F. Tardiff said...

Mary Rose,

As soon as I saw "Moon of Inter-Relations" for my age group -- I literally banged my head on the wall a few times. LOL Sometimes you forget to check in on the obvious. There's no doubt this is the Moon for ME this year and WOW! it's been poking at my ribs a lot...

Thank you for bringing this post to your blog. It definitely spoke to me.

Shouldn't you be keeping this little jewel entries for the BOOK??

I am so happy I can bug someone else for a BOOK idea.... LOL


Wheelkeeper said...

lol... thanks Ros for bringing this post back up.. I somehow missed the comments posted long ago..

The Moon of surrender can be intense if we are imbalanced in our previous moons, they are all connected. One gets broken and the other ones don't have much to build upon. We can breakthrough and free ourselves from our illusions, or we get stuck and breakdown if we don't have the tools or skills to let go of that past, the hurts, the pain and confusion and trust in something greater than ourselves.

I will have to start going back over my blogs and use them as inspiration for my book...Thanks Lisa.

Rose said...

This is a post I come back to a lot.... You should definately include this in your book because it is absolutely invaluable!


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