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According to our teachings, the Moons on the Wheel are Feminine energies. Moons can be experienced as our Inner children (our emotional bodies) as well as the Grandmothers (cosmological influences). . 

This month the Full Moon (May 27th) brought us into the Moon of OMNIPOTENCE. This is about the 5-year old who is learning to listen to their inner knowing. 

We repeat the Moons every 13 years,  so in this case...  ages 18, 31, 44, 57, 70.... If you are any of those ages, you will be living the lessons of this Moon until your next birthday. 

On a collective level, we live each Moon for one month. This month is the opportunity to explore the theme of Omnipotence and find the common themes that bring us together. This is how we can learn what messages Grandmother Moon is showing us.

In our  Moonlodge circle on Saturday night, I asked the women to look at their power and medicine. We spend so much time looking at ourselves critically, in order to heal and grow...... but  sometimes we just put ourselves down or make ourselves small. We talked about this and realized that we do this out of programs that were put into us, but also because we are afraid of our egos getting too big - which is a valid concern. But rest assured that the Moon of Humility will come along to bring us into balance. For now, it is time to brag about our greatness!

So when I asked the women to write down what they thought were their gifts, power and medicine... I was happy to see them in general being comfortable with this exercise. But there was some places where there was discomfort, embarrassment and even resistance. But the women helped each other get through these blockages  and one woman had an incredible breakthrough! It was amazing to watch. Her body language changed and her entire force field took on a brighter light! She even said she felt different after. She was happy and smiling!

After each woman shared what she saw in herself... we told her what we saw in her as her power or medicine. It was interesting to see what others saw in us that we didn't see in ourselves. I was comfortable in speaking about my roles as Keeper of the Wheel, Keeper of the Shaman or Elders, etc... but forgot all about my Initiator... which shows me that I am still not okay with this role. I know it is a lot to do with Western Attitudes towards us Heyokes who push peoples buttons. In my experience of this role, I have had too many people get angry at me rather than looking at the issues my Initiator brought up for them. It is good to be in a group of people that sees the medicine in things that Westerners just label as "shit-disturbers".

And it is interesting to see how long the lists of attributes were! It is good to be aware of your power. We are amazing powerful people when we are on our paths and following our inner guidance! 

So this Moon of Omnipotence, take the time to realize the fullness of your gifts, your wisdom, your strengths, attitude.... etc... all that you have that works for you and inspires others! But sometimes, your medicine is to create chaos and havoc and push peoples buttons. This is where we have to look beyond the Western concepts of power.

(The photo on top is of my Mom and her best friend.. two women of power, wisdom and love who walked their talk with grace and devotion. My Mom could also be a great Initiator. She said it as she saw it, with humor and truth. Not everyone likes to hear truth about themselves!)



WampumBlueRaven said...

Hello Mary Rose,

I enjoyed you posting on the Moon of Omnitpotence how you allowed these women to share with each other " what the saw as someone else medicine" vs. the roles and medicines they saw in themselves.

I think it's kind of experience is benefical because I the Western world I find on a daily basis people are so reoccupied with "themselves" they forget, reject or deny any other perpectives of themselves. I actually had the pleasure as well this pass month to have my partner- describe me as he saw me- it was interesting because sometimes I found even the compliments were hard to accept at first because they did not fit with the image I saw of myself.

I guess much like your Role as the Initiator, sometimes you just don't feel that comfortable with aspect for yourself or haven't not had the chance to fully grow and master them-therefore don't feel comfortable with them or present them to the world. But the are vital and previous - I will quote Lisa on this one " to have YOU remember who YOU are beyond your humanity in hope that in the end, you’ll appreciate the unique creature you were born to become."

thanks for the writings
PS: you select great photographers by the way, their are very powerful I feel like within themselves they have a story to tell.

Wheelkeeper said...

Hi WampummBlueRaven, I love your Spirit name! Could you share the story of this name?

Thanks for your sharing and feedback, it inspires me to continue to write in this blog.

It is good to hear other perspectives and insights to my stories. Thanks for adding your wisdom. It helps to make a WHEEL. I hope that others will also come and share their responses to the stories I share. A wheel is not a wheel without many perspectives!



WampumBlueRaven said...

Hello Mary Rose,

I have been keeping up with your post. Really enjoyed the one about being a teacher.
Anyhow, regarding my name WampumBlueRaven. Well Raven is my Western Totem- but I had this sudden awaking dream about a Raven coming out of a huge shell that are colored white and purple like wampum shell- and flying high in the sky and his wings had a blue reflecting tint –therefore in short that is how WampumBlueRaven was born. Of course this just didn’t happen overnight- but it just came together in the moment- thought the previous 2 years and more- a shells and amethyst played a primary role in me discovering this name, it was giving to me, different people would teach me about the shell and stone.. it just was unexpected and coming in bits and pieces. Little did I know at the time that Wampum was use in traditional beading and that amethyst was found in the shell it self.

take care,

Wheelkeeper said...

Thanks for your spirit name story Nathalie. It is powerful to dream of our totems. It sounds so beautiful, what a painting that would make.



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