Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Appreciating the Nomad

Traveling the continent
My favorite Nomad is my son, Eli. He is a free spirit that has traveled the world and is living a life of adventure: from being a street performer, fitness instructor, and business man, art auctioneer on a cruise ship...  to bungee jumping in New Zealand, swimming with sharks, visiting the best art museums in Europe, standing heads above the crowd in China (he is 6'3"), to living in the Dominican Republic and becoming a Yoga instructor and circus performer... his life is rich and full.  Even as a baby, he was only happy when he was on the move, in his baby carrier in the back of the car. He ran away from home when he was 1 1/2 years old, went on the road at age 17... and lived more lifetimes in the 37 years than most people can imagine. 

Dominican Republic

As we come to the end of the Nomad Wind, coupled with the Moon of Inter-Relations, I find that I am appreciating my son and how he lives his life. Many people would judge him, saying he should settle down, but the Nomad is all about change... and making connections. In the past, the Nomad of the tribe was the one who would seek out new hunting or camping grounds. They were storytellers and would bring news of other tribe. This would help them all stay in touch. The Nomads are the ones who were most sensitive to the Earth Changes and would tell their tribe when it was time to leave the area for safety reasons. They knew where the safe places were located, they felt the earth through their bodies. 

My son has seen a lot and has a very unique perspective on the world. It has been a burden to him in some ways as it is hard for us part-time Nomads to understand.In some ways, it is a lonely role and not appreciated by our world today. For those of you who know someone that travels the world, take the time to listen to their stories, they have a lot to share and can open your mind to new perspectives. The Nomad part of the wheel is in the Southeast, it is where we go beyond our own little boxes and surrender to the unknown. In these uncertain times, we need a bit of the Nomad in all of us, to accept a state of not-knowing where we are going, not knowing what it going to happen next.... as if we ever do know anyways! But we like the security of thinking we know. The Nomad blows apart our illusions and that is a good thing... then we are more open to following where spirit is leading us on our journey.

Fire and Yoga!

For the rest of us homebodies... we can still experience change and growth and enjoy making connections. Change happens internally, and in our own little part of the world as well and you may have noticed a lot of movement in your life this past month.

I can't wait to see what the next Wind brings.

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