Friday, July 30, 2010


This Moon is a favorite one of mine now. It wasn't always that way. Having a mouse totem for this Moon was a big challenge for me. It is amazing how one Moon differs from the other.The Totem for my 6th Moon of Territoriality is a Grizzly Bear! Yikes! It wouldn't come out often, but I see how it works now. I needed lots of space in my life, and when someone crossed my boundaries, I would bite their head off. I don't anger easily but push the wrong button and Watch Out! It took years for me to bring this into balance, as most Moons do.

So the switch from a Predator to a Prey Totem is huge! I find that in groups I would often become "mousy" and quiet, when in this Totem. It seems that I would say the wrong thing and trigger someone to attack or reprimand me. I was bullied constantly as a kid, by my brother mostly. Become a prey and the predator appears. There is a difference between Predator and Prey versus Bully and Victim.

The former, when conscious and functional, is a willing sacrifice of oneself, so another can find their power. Unfortunately in our Western Society, the prey role is not understood or respected. So it becomes a Bully-victime scenario with no one coming into their power, only using their power over others for the sake of feeling more powerful, when it fact it is not true power and not sustainable. All power should be in service to the greater good of all. A functional Predator will honor its prey. In fact, when one animal devours another, it is to obtain the wisdom and nourishment of that animal. They take in their DNA and merge with the prey.

This 7th Moon of Inter-Relations is incredible for me, seeing as I am also in it for the entire year, since my birthday. Being the 5th round of the Wheel in this Life, I have gone through my Moons four times and have brought them into the maturity and wisdom of the Grandmothers.

When issues or broken Moons arise, I find that I go through the process quickly and don't get stuck ni fear, resistance - I don't get tied in a know over it. This is one of the rewards of being an Elder and
doing so much of my own Moonwork in this life. What a relief it is to sail through the emotions without the drama!

I am also finding that I feel more connected to myself, my cat, the trees outside my house, the neighbours, the Wind, Moon and Stars... That is what we mean when we say "All My Relations".

I would like to hear from others. What is this Moon teaching or healing for you? How are you doing with Inter-Relations in your life? Where do you see yourself needing to go or do to heal relationships?


* The image at the top is the budgies we had, Star and Sky. They brought a lot of pleasure to my parents and me and taught a lot about relationships. We thought they were male and female and it turned out to be two males... they were actually competitive, showing off who could swing, fly.. better than the other. They were good buddies!

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