Friday, July 9, 2010

Medicine Wheel in Blewitt, BC

This is the second entry about my travels to BC and doing MW circles there. (See previous post).

After doing the Moonlodge in Silverton, I headed up to Nelson, BC. I lived there for four years from 1997-2001, and had some friends I wanted to visits. Also, I love the wildness of the mountains and how Nature dominates over humanity there. The mountains are rugged, lush and wild and many of the people I know live there because they prefer to live in  harmony with Mother Earth. Many of them try to live naturally as possible, and I admire them for that. 

I wasn't sure if I would be doing a circle there or not, but when some women found out what I do, one volunteered to hold it at her place. It turns out she had the perfect place amongst some giant cedar trees for an outdoor wheel. The sound of the stream provided  a wonderful background symphony. 

We spent an afternoon gathering stones in a sacred manner.  I was impressed with F\s openness and willingness to learn about the wheel. She had a great love for the land the stone people. We prepared the space and blessed it. 

On the night of the circle,10 women showed up. It was not a Moonlodge, but a circle to awaken the Ancestors of the land and to create a sacred space. The teachings always take a different form at each circle. But the outcome is always one of intimacy, profound learning and healing. And of course the drumming always brings in good energies. 

I had each women bring a candle and pick a stone. Then they placed the candle by the stone they chose and the effect was beautiful as the sun was sinking low over the mountains. In the cozy shelter of the trees, we learned, laughed, cried and shared what we were living and how it fit with the stone we had gotten. Without knowing anything about the wheel, the women were once again astounded how much they learned about themselves and each other.

I learned after that although they had known each other for years, they had never shared on such an intimate level. I love how the Wheel brings people closer together. The woman whose land it was, invited them to come to visit the wheel anytime, and they will continue to do circles together there. 

Once again the Medicine Wheel has brought a group of people together in sacredness. I think of how our Ancestors must have used the Wheel to live, and how today we can do the same. It is my great honor to bring these teachings to others, so they can find better inter-relations - through the love and support of community. The wisdom of the wheel worked for generations and is still relevant today. 

Having been part of other communities in the past, I found that they always seem to fall apart, due to fear, power struggles, financial issues, etc. If we would have had the Medicine Wheel teachings as our focus in the past, we could have had a system by which to overcome the challenges that arise when trying to build community. When we put sacredness, honor, trust, growth and the Creator at the center of the wheel, we can't go wrong!

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