Friday, July 9, 2010

Moonlodge in Silverton, BC

It has been a Dream of mine to travel and teach the Medicine wheel to people and help build community with the help of the Medicine Wheel. This summer, the dream manifested and the journey has begun! One of many I hope.

On June 30th, I had the privilege to journey to the Interior of British Columbia and do a Moonlodge with 13 women. 
My friend Carla organized it for me and rented a space in a Healing Center, so the energy was really nice. We arrived early to set it up and I had no idea how many women were coming. But it turned out to be the exact number of women for each of the moons (not including me). 

Like in all Moonlodges, the sharing was profoundly intimate, and the stories were deeply touching. It is always an honor to listen to the struggles the women have to deal with and the courage, strength and love they have in them to overcome their difficulties.

It seems that none of them had really known each other that well before, so this was a first for them.  I used the stones on the wheel to show them where they were, explaining that the Wheel has a stone for every experience. They were amazed to see how the Wheel works and to get the knowledge of where they were and how it could help them in their daily lives. 

I can't share their stories, but I hope they will come here and give some of their feedback and tell us what they learned and how it applies to their lives.... and what changed for them. One women in particular was grateful to learn about the INITIATOR role, and how it has a purpose and is held sacred by traditional teachings. 

Then I had 12 women stand around the wheel, 3 in each quadrant, and asked them to be the voice of the Grandmothers. Each one gave a short message and the Elder in the group gave the 13th message for the center Moon. 

There was tears and laughter and hugs all around in the end, as there always is in a Moonlodge, seeing as how close we all feel at the end. 

I hope that the women continue to meet and support one another in their journeys. It is important for women to come together to honor the Feminine powers in each one of us and make the connection with Mother Earth and Grandmother Moon.


WampumBlueRaven said...

Again great picture. Is that water in the middle of the wheel ? I never thought that water could be used in a centre of a wheel before.

Wheelkeeper said...

Hi Nathalie! Nice to see you here.

I often use holy water blessed by AMMA, the embodiment of the Divine Mother, in the center of the Wheel for Moonlodges in particular, since Moonlodges are about the feminine, emotions, water...

You can use whatever you want in the center, related to what the intention, focus and purpose of the wheel is about...

The Medicine Wheel is not stagnant or fixed. There are many ways to do a wheel. You can experiment with it, unlike other traditional practices, like sweatlodges or pipe ceremonies which follow a certain protocol or structure.


Sublime said...

I love your picture MR.. When looking at it it's as if the clans are turning and moving in a circlular they are spinning in their own dircetion...I can get lost just looking and starining at the picture.
Thank you


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