Thursday, November 11, 2010

LET'S NOT FORGET...........

Today is REMEMBRANCE DAY in Canada and Veterans Day in the US.

But let's not forget the Brave Warriors, our Ancestors who gave their lives for THIS land!

Many of our Aboriginal Ancestors endured unbelievable suffering and pain to keep the traditions and sacred ways that we now follow. Without them, we would not have the drum circles, sacred songs, medicine wheel circle, pipe ceremonies, sweatlodges, sundances and the many other prayers and rituals that help us connect to Earth and Spirit. 

Today, I give thanks for our Aboriginal Ancestors and those who continue to serve today...


WampumBlueRaven said...

Hello Mary Rose,

I agree Lets Not Forget, the ancestors who stand with us today and the ones who stand with us in spirit. I would not help it this morning I got up at around 4:30am and could not go back to bed. I watch the sun rise, then finally return to bed around 11:00 am and slept for a few hours.

But how often do we take the time to think about our Freedom- and the people who fought and are still fighting for freedom. It starts with a thought and I hope the world pause today and held a space for Freedom in our lives.

I am glad Mary Rose when you mention in your blog about the things we have such as drumming circle, medicine and so forth, which would not have been possible without people fighting to keep this alive.
At the beginning of this moon we are in >my partner one evening walked into my office and ask me - What do I say or how do I explain to people what these rock are (he was speaking about the Medicine Wheel in your home). He challenge me to sum it up in one sentence. And it was a challenge - we ended up with -The Medicine Wheel is for healing and teaching purposes.

Mary Rose you ask me previously what grounds me, well drumming is one of my grounding exercise, which again someone fought and kept the memory of drumming alive, along with the medicine wheel.
And I think this month, there been a strong theme of protecting your home, I guess seeing my partner genuinely wanting to learn and understand the Medicine Wheel in order to vocalize its purpose in your home in a way demonstrated he valued us as a whole and is willing to fight and protect our home by having the courage to vocalize this ritual, where in the past he would say Oh! that Nathalie’s.

This month, I feel like the reason for why and how I do certain things are becoming clearer and helping me become a better dreamer and healer. And that the rituals which help to ground me are helping us provide for all family, friends and your future a safe space with the freedom to practice rituals which truly connect us, whatever they might be, -turning us into Warriors instead of worriers- about what other with think or judge us.

Unfortunately, for our ancestors some have dies and other have kept the rituals alive if not possible in practice deep down in spirit. Having that feeling that something make sense- that it has reason in your life-and fighting for that thought, practice and love of it. It sacred within itself.

Kind regards,

PS: other grounding exercises: core breathing (which is in my dance routine), running water over my hands, observing my surrounding and describing them, writing.

WampumBlueRaven said...

...oh! and Laughter is very grounding.

Wheelkeeper said...

Its true Nathalie, that we don't stop to think of our freedom and those who fought and died for us. Its amazing when you think of it.

Its good to hear you stories too. Sounds like you have a great partner!



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