Monday, November 15, 2010


Soon after I stepped onto the path, the Ancestors wanted me to go out and teach the Wheel. 

Since 1991, I have done Medicine Wheel Circles, Moonlodges, Healing Circles, lectures and workshops in Montreal, Quebec, Grande Prairie Alberta, Victoria, Silverton, and Nelson, British Columbia.Right now in GP I have been working with others in the building a Shamanic community.

My son commented once that I seem to form community where ever I go. I attribute this to the magnetism of the Wheel that flows through me. The Medicine Wheel is all about inter-relations, among other things. It shows us how to be balanced and functional on personal, collective, universal and cosmic levels.It has a magnetic force that attracts and magnifies what is in the environment so we can see what the messages and lessons are for us to learn. It connects us to something bigger than ourselves, to Spirit and Nature.

Some of the Circles I've initiated are still going. It feels good to know that. It is good to  train other wheelkeepers and see the results of my labours blossom into sustainable communities. But other groups seem to dissipate after I leave. Not everyone has what it takes to hold together a community. Not everyone is a wheelkeeper, but everyone has their Role on the Wheel of Life. I'm not talking just about western jobs, I am talking about our deeper life purpose. My purpose is to live, learn and teach the Wheel. Now I am finding others who can carry on the work, leaving me free to travel more and to take time to write.

On December 18, 2010, I will be doing a Full Moon Circle in Vancouver, BC. I am really excited about meeting new women who are called to the magic and mystery of Grandmother Moon and the Medicine Wheel. I love the path I'm on. Sure it has its challenges and initiations, but each one brings me closer to Wholeness. Each step brings me closer to the realization of my dreams and vision and I feel clearer, stronger, more confident and integrated. I have this path and my teachers to thank for that.

As I work on editing and organizing my memoires, I realize how many adventures I've lived, things that many people just read about. My life has not been "normal" in the sense that I don't follow the mainstream. Once a rebel, always a rebel. I never fit in with the crowd and wondered why. It took me 40 years to find out who I really was, because there was no one I knew who I could relate to about what I was living. We didn't have internet access in those days and connections were harder to make. I was never interested in material things and social status. I was not ambitious in that way. I wanted to know the deeper workings of my soul. I wanted to be real and follow my heart and spirit. I had to earn my way, to prove my commitment all the way in order to find my path and teachers.

But it is all perfect in the end. The timing of every detail of my life is so perfect, how can I doubt anything? When I began holding Medicine Wheel circles, it was a CALLING. It happened so naturally that it took me awhile to question what I was doing. But when I did, my dreams confirmed that I was indeed doing the right thing. I always tried to follow my Spirit guidance and go where I was meant to go. There is a freedom in that that few to live. I am truly blessed.

It is great to meet like-minded souls on the path who seek what Shamanism and the Wheel have to offer, and who have much to offer themselves with their stories and wisdom learned. I realize that this path is not for everyone and I am not here to convert anyone. Some will come and try it out and leave for various reasons and that is fine too. They will receive something wonderful from the experience. Others will just "know" it is what they have been looking for. The few kindred souls that decide to walk the Red Road with us are welcomed with open arms.

My gratitude this day and every day to the Ancestors who lived and died to preserve the Sacred Ways. I also give thanks to my teachers and all those who I met along the way who inspired me to continue this work. It is not always easy, but the rewards are priceless.


P.S. The photo is at a Gathering with one of our Teaches from Quebec. I am the one standing in the back.


WampumBlueRaven said...

Thanks for sharing your journey Mary Rose as a Wheelkeeper and what the Wheel represent to you in your life. This is all new to me so I it great to hear your experience and journey.

And yes GP is a gentle man with a great sense of humor.

Take care

Wheelkeeper said...

GP is also a strong dreamer and teacher and can be scary because he sees right through you in a way that no one else does. He can say something in a few words and it may take a year to understand what he is saying. He is profound, to say the least.

WampumBlueRaven said...

Yes he is scary... at times.. and he is profound to say the least. I find communication is different with everyone and with Gerard in particular it all about the experience in the moment... because I can not remember so much his words afterwards but the feeling of the experience stays- you can travel with him.

take care,

PS: The words I do remember Gerard speaking are always the blunt and sharp witty comments. Some which go straight to the heart, I can't help but laugh at times, because they are so true.

WampumBlueRaven said...

Hello Mary-Rose,

I just re-read this post WHEELKEEPER for a while ago, but the picture wrongfully posted itself as I was sharing your Since you ask... blog with Drumming CIrcle (in Halifax) Group on Facebook.

When I saw the picture I would help but take the time to go back and re this, WHEELKEEPING blog.

Its good stuff..Mary-Rose
keep writing.. and I think it is timely - because I am learning as a go on how to build community.

We are having a Drumming Circle tonight , on the New Moon. But for now the Farmer Market

take care Nathalie


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