Sunday, December 5, 2010

Firekeeper Wind, Magic, My New Website and More...

1969, Vancouver, BC

I've come a long ways from my Hippie days of weaving hand-made looms. Looking back, I can see that each chapter of my life was Divinely guided. I am full with the richness of experiences that are varied, magical and uniquely mine. Being a rebel from the start, I never walked the beaten path, I always was drawn to the wild places that had no human tracks to follow. I guess you could say I am a trailblazer. 

As we enter this Firekeeper Wind today, December 5th, on the New Moon, and the same day as the planet Uranus goes Direct in Pisces, I feel a renewed vitality and passion for life. Firekeeper is my Role in the West of my Wheel and my totem is a magical creature, a rainbow butterfly! We all have some part of us that is mythical, mystical or magical. The Firekeeper is the part of us that believes in Magic and Miracles. Today, with science being in the forefront, so many have lost their belief in the supernatural. Logic has replaced intuition and faith. 

Christmas is a Christian concept that in some way, awakens the belief in miracles if even for a moment in time. Winter Solstice is also coming up soon and according to our Traditions it is a time for making our wishes for the year to come. Wishes are an important part of life. We make wishes all the time. At our Medicine Wheel Circle on Saturday, I showed the group how to use the Wheel to make wishes and continue to work with them all the way through. I think the problem people have with wishes is that they think they don't have to do anything to help them manifest. They forget that we are CO-creators of our world.

This Firekeeper Winds heralds in a new chapter for me in my life. It is not surprising, seeing as Firekeeper is at the beginning of the wheel. Making wishes, vows or setting intentions are what ignites the Sacred Fire of Creation, it gets our Wheels turning and brings challenges and experiences that eventually lead us to beauty and abundance. Even New Years Eve resolutions are linked to the Medicine Wheel traditions. 

The onset of my New Website at this time is perfect timing as we end a solar and lunar year and the cosmological influences are lining up in a way that is unprecedented, bringing new opportunities for growth,  new attitudes and awareness for all humanity. 

I welcome you to my world, a world of beauty and abundance, fire and passion, a world with those who are searching for something different, for ancient wisdom, grounded wisdom, unconditional love, real honesty and integrity, truth seekers of all kinds....

The Sacred Fire burns strong in my heart and soul as I turn a page in my book of life and open myself to the world, so others of like-mind may benefit from the teachings, from my stories and experiences.

I am just a small link in a bigger chain, a student, a teacher, a fellow traveler on a narrow path of those who walk with the Ancestors in service to Creator and Mother Earth.

If you feel called to join a path that takes you out of the mainstream and leads you to the wildest parts of your soul, you just might discover your natural and true self, apart from the layers of programs, illusions and indoctrinations that society, religion and culture has put upon you. 


Michelle said...

WOW Mary Rose this thread is fired up all right its amazing how your words are so strong and powerful. I love the Fire Keeper wind it truely makes me feel energized with more than just a second wind lol. I love the website and this path has made me feel like I am Just discovery who I may become or work towards becoming. I know I started my wishes too tonight and I am feeling very excited about the coming couple of years. I hope to see more people find their way home. We truely are blessed, I am so glad your in my life fellow butterfly :)

. said...

I appreciated your comment on being a co-creator of your wishes. I found when I walked other paths you could work a spell or say a simple prayer and then leave your dreams with creator to be manifested on your behalf. When the dreams never came true it was too easy for everyone to tell you the timing wasnt right.

We all have to put in our own work on our dreams. Our parents cannot hand us a perfect life on a silver platter when we turn 18... why do we think our creator can or even wants to hand us our dreams on a silver platter. Would you appreciate your dreams if he did....

Thank you MaryRose for that reminder.

Love and loads of light

Wheelkeeper said...

Hi Michelle,

Yes, my fire is burning bright...its a challenge to stay balanced in it.. especially for us Butterflies.

We are so blessed to be on this path with all that there is to guide us.

Lots to learn and it is never boring or redundant!

Wheelkeeper said...

Hi Gypsymoon, it is great to see you here. Thanks for your comments!

I am glad that you are connecting with the wisdom of the Wheel again. It seems that we need to go through the hard times to truly appreciate what we have. So many people do want things handed to them on a silver platter, I know I have had my moments

But then we have to remember that it is the journey that is important. What we learn, heal and become on the way is what really counts in the end.

I saw a show on TV the other day where a man suddenly becomes a popular producer, but betrays his best friend and girlfriend. He even betrays his own original vision for the movie he wanted to produce by allowing others to reformat it to make it sell on the current market. But the message of the story is lost in the changes. It becomes a formula type movie that Hollywood produces just for the money.

Then he suddenly loses his status and has nothing.

In all of this, her realizes his mistakes and makes amends with his friends and ends up producing his own movie that way he wanted, staying true to his own vision.

As a result, he becomes recognized for his innovative ideas and is a big hit on the market.

This story had a good message.


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