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This time of the year is always difficult for many as the Christmas stress builds. With the pressure to buy gifts, to cook, bake, visit, etc.... Christmas has become a commercial commodity. That is why I am happy to be on a Shamanic path where we follow the natural rhythms of life and nature. Celebrating the Solstice makes much more sense to me. Shamanism always makes sense, being an earth based outlook on life.

Being the darkest time of the year, it is a good time to go inward and see what lurks in the darkness of our own souls. We also makes wishes at Solstice to prepare for the long, hard winter ahead. It is ironic that Solstice is the longest night and the return towards the light, while at the same time, it is only the beginning of winter. 

Each year there seems to be more natural and cosmological forces lining up. This solstice coincides with the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse. It is also one year since the Blue Moon of last December 31st. We are edging closer to 2012 and the transformation is upon us. There is no time to waste on pettiness and inessentials. It is time to get to the crux of the issues at hand.

Winter is about death and letting go and opening to something bigger and wiser than ourselves. Yet with the Moon of Metamorphosis, the 12th Moon, coinciding with the 12th calendar month, we are reminded that death is CHANGE.

What is changing or needs to change in your life? For me, it is a letting go of my identity of caretaker for my parents, and being open to where I am guided next. I am also stepping back from my Role as leader in our tribe and observing the blossoming of others in their power. 

My dream is to travel and teach the wheel, to help build functional, sustainable communities, to show how the wheel can serve us in every aspect of our lives. I would love to bring these teachings to parents and teachers, anyone who works with children so they can have some tools to build healthy egos.

The ancient wisdom still applies today, even more so than ever if we are to survive this transition and earth changes. The momentum towards destruction is out of hand and 
 we need more creation energy to bring it into balance. A connection with nature is crucial to our survival.

I pray that this Solstice and Moon of Metamorphosis will bring us all what we need in our lives to evolve, transform, survive and thrive in all areas of our lives. 

As I prepare to leave for Vancouver to visit my son Eli and, friends Christy and Ryan, I pray that the women who are looking for what the Moonlodge has to offer, will find their way to us.
I am sure that the Dreaming will bring us together in celebration and ritual. We will do a rites of passages to help the final spin of the wheel before starting a new cycle with the Moon of Welcoming in January!

I don't do Christmas anymore, but I do connect with the Christ love each year and fill my heart with goodness and love. 

I will be back in 2011.  

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WampumBlueRaven said...

Again Mary Rose...
Great image the blues and the pinks coming together
Wish you all the best...

love and light,

Michelle said...

Happy Soltice Mary Rose and I hear the woman coming to join you for the Moon Lodge in Vancover They will hear the call! You will be missed here but we will drum for your circle while the one here is on! Here's to our wishes for the Soltice!

Wheelkeeper said...

Thanks Michelle and Nathalie for your words.

The Moonlodge in Vancouver was amazing, also did two Solstice cirles there and attended a public solstice celebration - a lantern festival with cultural performances. I had a great time!

Happy 2011 to you both!

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