Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Recently, a ghost followed me home from a place that I visited. It was a woman who had committed suicide thinking that would put an end to her problems. Now she is stuck because she realized that death doesn't end anything. You just take your issues with you to another level. There was many signs, messages and synchronicities from the dreaming with this story. Someone gave us a drawing of a woman before I even visited that home. The drawing looked just like our ghost. 

She was confused and disoriented, didn`t realize where she was or what she had done. Windwalker and I brought her to consciousness and showed her what she needs to do to move forward. She left a lot of shit behind and needs to clean it up. It will be a lot of work and will take time, but the only other choice is to stay stuck in the in-between as a ghost and continue her same dysfunctional patterns in her next life. She was not happy about us giving her back her shit, but everyone has to do their own work. They can't just keep dumping it on others.

I learned a long time ago, that the most important thing to do in life is to be ready to die in a good way. We can look at death and learn from it. We can imagine our own deaths, and ask ourselves... are we ready? What do we have left to do? Jesus said "Before leaving your offering at the altar, go and make peace with your brother". He was saying "deal with your unresolve".

Take advantage of the Cosmological influences at hand. 2012 is the year for change and now as of the New Moon, January 23rd, we are in the NOMAD WIND for one month. This Wind will bring us opportunities, people and guides that can help us move forward, to bring change where we were stuck and to bring resolve where there was unresolve. It is time to grow beyond our self-imposed limitations.

The Nomad Wind also shows us how to make links in our personal stories to connect the puzzles of our lives. And it connects us with others who can support us in our journeys.
It teaches us about collectively, helps us to see that we are not alone in our struggles and victories. We can find a common bond with others and become closer to Oneness. Change is a good thing and it is inevitable. We can resist it or flow with it. In the end, resistance only prolongs the outcome or sabotages it altogether. 
We are still in the Moon of Welcoming until February 6th. Welcome change, movement, growth and see how the Universe brings the support you need to accomplish the smallest of tasks.  

There are other Cosmological forces at work too. Mercury retrograde, we will be doing more internal changes than external for the next few months. Mars Retrograde tells us think before we act.



Jackie said...

I have striven all my adult life (and then some) to be kind, to walk upon the Earth gently and to follow "the Path with Heart" I find that as I get somewhat older, though, I tend to get frustrated with those who give up on this life.
One who says "Oh well, I've screwed up, maybe I'll get it right next time." and doesn't do the required work to advance and make the changes to their life This Time Around is just wasting the precious time that is given to us NOW. How sad, the more a person repeats actions that are unproductive, the harder it is to change.
Thank You for sharing your perspective with us, MaryRose!

Wheelkeeper said...

It is hard to see people give up or not even want to heal or grow. Those who are willing to do the work are few, which is sad and makes more work for the Shamans.

It is true, that all we have in the Now, and the longer we put it off, the harder it gets. But what is happening now is that Mother, the Universe, our Guides, etc... are not protecting us from our own consequences anymore. Those who don't do their work will be forced to.

Humans seem to need the 2x4 approach before they wake up. I am trying to get my lessons while they are dtill subtle so as not to have to go through such hardships.

Rose said...

I had mono in my teens and a nervous breakdown in my early twenties. These two things have between them caused me to do a lot of work. I am not sure it is a process I can stop now... But there always seems to be something else to work on. And old things come back sometimes to get worked over again from another perspective. I find it all quite fascinating.

Sometimes though, my fascination with it allows me to avoid some of the areas which really need work I think.

It must be hard dealing with other people's unresolve as well. My own keeps me busy.

Wheelkeeper said...

It is hard to work on someone else's unresolve. That is why we like to have people around us who are willing and able to do their work.

Its true there is always something else to work on or the same stories repeated in a different form... but we become a littler wiser with each spin of the same wheel and eventually, we find healing and balance and resolve in certain areas of our lives.

It is also true that we can get stuck in our issues or spinning our wheels without moving forward. Rose if you are stuck in some areas and avoiding others, at least you are aware of it and can make different choices.... We need to walk towards those scary places and face our fears. It is so rewarding when we do.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts here.

Lisa F. Tardiff said...

Mary Rose,

I love the picture on this blog entry.
You can really see what is interesting to the cat.
She seems to be walking backward circles around the Wheel and asking herself -- "how am I going to get to those wings?"

It's interesting how much the picture actually says.
Love it.


Gypsymoon said...

I love reading your blogs Mary Rose, yours is the first that each posting I have something to comment on. I enjoyed this story and feel this is something I can look forward to as keeper of the dead and dying which I am certain is one of my roles in life now. I strongly agree that people that pass without dealing with their patterns relive them in the next life. I think it is wonderful that you were able to show her and that she was willing to listen. Lets hope she does the work now. Thank you Mary Rose for the great reads.


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