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As a addition to my previous posting on the Ghost who followed me home... I realize that not everyone believes in Ghosts, or has had experiences with them. My teacher once said that reality is that which doesn't go away just because you don't believe in it. 

I have not always  been open to other worldly inhabitants myself. I did feel the presence of a Spirit Guide when I was young, and throughout my life. But I never explored the ghostly side of things until the Universe brought the experiences to me. I never went looking for it. 

It is interesting that there are so many supernatural themes on TV and in the movies these days. I find most of them misrepresent and exaggerate the stories for effect of course. They have to, in order to make sales. People want sensationalism and phenomena today. It seems that the louder, faster, scarier and more violent the better.  

Yet it is often in moments of silence and observation that we encounter the spiritual world. The signs and messages come in subtle ways. I remember when I was journeying with my Spirit Guide whilst in university. A Medium told me that I would receive his name three times in the next little while.

I would look intently around me, wondering what message the form would come in. Then one day as I was waiting in the Metro station in Montreal, a young man came down the stairs carrying an old shaped box. It was long and rectangular and large enough to make it look awkward to carry.

On the box was printed the words Black Snow... three times! 

"Na", I thought... that can't be it. That's not even a name. 
Most of all, I thought it was too real, too simple, too easy. I expected something most mystical and mysterious.

How the heck could Spirit do that anyway? How could he take something so tangible and manifest it for me? Did he inhabit the body of someone? Did he create an illusion for me? Was I dreaming? 

I had so many questions and it took me a few days to accept that it was real and it was my guides name. Over the years, the name began to make a lot of sense.

Miracles and messages come in mysterious ways. But they also come in ways that are as plain as the nose on our faces. The Medicine Wheel teaches us how to see and read the signs.

Ghosts and Spirits are from different realms. Ghosts are those who have passed over and are stuck in the in-between. Some might call it purgatory. These are just fragments of a person, their Spirit has moved on but the unresolved part of them stays behind. These are the ones that you see on Ghost Whisperer, the TV show. She helps them to cross over.

I wasn't able to help my ghost to pass over, but with the help of my Sacred Partner and a previous ghost that I helped pass over.... we were able to get this ghost to become conscious of her whereabouts and the work that she had to do. You can't always help everyone pass through the gates, some of them need time...

I didn't intend to write all this, but it just seemed to pour out. I hope this helps those of you who were wondering...

Please ask questions, post your responses and thoughts. It is great to have company in here.


(The photo above is a sculpture that I created many years ago that was put outside to return to the elements. It was a tribute to three generations of Medicine Women, and the three stages of womanhood - Daughter, Mother and Elder.)


Jackie said...

I am fortunate to have been born into a family where ghosts are taken as a matter of course. Especially on my Mother's side. I have lived in a few houses (this life) which have been haunted. As a child I had the bejeebers scared out of me on several occasions! LOL
At my Grans house there was activity, but never so terrifying.

I have had a few contacts with Mary Ann Winkowski's community. She lives in my area. She is the source for the 'Ghost Whisperer' TV show. I have only seen it a few times, although I frequently watch Ghost Hunters. I think Jason & Grant have a pretty level headed manner & interesting techniques.
Many people do not believe in ghosts... Until they experience a sighting for themselves! ROFL

Nice blog Mary Ann. I feel your observations are valid. Sometimes we expect an answer or message to be more subtle, but it is not always 'shrouded in mystery'. How nice when Spirit is playful.

On the subject of the difficulty in helping some spirits to cross, we can only do so much. You can not pull the skin off the snake, you must allow the snake to naturally shed it's own skin. I'm sure you were helpful to the spirit with which you were involved.

Glad to post a comment here. This blog was definitely one with which I can say I have had some experience.

Rose said...

I find I have lots of questions about ghosts...I have never seen one myself but I do believe in them and have always been fascinated by them. One time I went on a ghost walk with a youth group I belonged to of a Georgian market town. The person who took us round said that a lot of the old houses in the town centre had ghosts but that the ghosts were not the same ghosts as a generation or two ago. That they seem to fade over time. This taken with your post makes me wonder what happens to the ghost when the spirit reincarnates? Is this in some way how karma works, we come back and have to interact with all our old ghosts?

Although I have never seen a ghost, I know they are there. Can they interact with us within dreams?

Lisa F. Tardiff said...

Mary Rose,

Loved your blog entry.
You really share great insights.


Wheelkeeper said...


It is rare that we grow up believing in Ghosts today. It is too bad, because so many of our experiences can be explained by the supernatural influences around us. Then there is the fact that many have loved ones who have passed over and are stuck in the In-Between because of unresolve, and they have no one on this side that can see them or help them. It must take a lot longer for them to work things through on their own.

My Mom stayed around for two years after she died to keep an eye on me and help with some family issues. She said that she was so happy that I acknowledged her presence and talked to her. I even put food out for her. She said she would have been very lonely otherwise. Imagine being able to see and hear everyone, but they can't see or hear you!

That is so interesting that the source for Ghost Whisperer lives near you. It is one of my favorite shows. Unfortunately, I don't get it anymore here, I guess I should go online and watch it.

As for helping Ghosts, some just have too much work to do. If they make a mess of their lives, then they are the ones who need to clean it up. As you said, we can only do so much.... there is just too many of them. I prefer to teach people how to empower themselves to not make such a mess of things than to help them clean it up after.

BTW, My name is MaryRose, not Mary Ann. Lol

Wheelkeeper said...

Lisa sent this email in response to Rose's comment.


I just read your comment on Mary Rose's blog ...
I was going to ask Mary Rose if she minded me answering some of them but I didn't think it was right to do it on her blog...
She does great work and I don't want to undermine it in any way.
So here's a private comment......

Yes -- ghosts can interact with us in our dreams. Yet, we have to be called to the dream space where this is possible.
Usually we dream of LOVED ONES who have passed away because they have the power to call us to the "ghost dream space" (so to speak).
Unless you are "a Keeper of the Dead" -- other ghosts wouldn't have much "power" to call you to them... And even then, Keepers of the Dead wouldn't respond to just anyone.

When the Spirit reincarnates he or she is responsible for its own ghosts (so to speak). This is why we look at ancestral stories and attempt to resolve them. We should be resolving our ghosts from life time to life time.... Of course, some seem to collect them more than resolve them these days because of a shift in belief system and a lack of tools or resources. This is why -- there are more ghosts than there ever were -- right now.

I like the way you speak of KARMA -- that's the way I understand it.


I have no problem with Lisa coming in with her wisdom and experience. She has many more ghost experiences than I have...lol.. I will never forget when a group of us went with her on a "Ghost Hunting" trip. It was at someone's apartment. We ended up helping out generations of ghosts who were trapped there. It was an amazing experience! Ghosts always seem much more tangible around Lisa. She has a way of making them more real.

Wheelkeeper said...

I would have said much the same as Lisa did, but in different words.
Lisa you can come into my blog anytime with your comments.

I will add some things though..
The reason for the ghosts fading and changing is because eventually they move on. The parts of them that are ghosts move on after doing their work and go on to reincarnate, or they come back to the same issues in their next life... (somewhat the same as Lisa was saying).

As for dreaming, I had many dreams of both my parents after they died, as we continued to do our healing work together. The dreaming showed me where they were at... and what they needed from me.

Ghosts are always there, some in some places more than others, especially when there was a tragic ending. You don't have to dream about ghosts or see them to know they are there. If you practice awareness, paying attention to impressions, you can pick up feelings or sensations in places.

Like was mentioned, the problem lies more so in the fact that not enough people believe in ghosts today. Yet, if you look at the TV shows and movies lately, they are all about ghosts and the supernatural. Something is changing.

Rose said...

I think believe in ghosts is more prevalent than we assume because most people jut don't talk about them. The ability to talk about these experiences seems to be growing. On TV last night someone on a reality programme who seemed pretty sensible and professional said she had seen one. In fact the sceptic who questioned her closely came across as the irrational one... At work we have talked about ghosts too and colleagues have seen them.

Your experience with your Mom is so beautiful MaryRose! Thank you for sharing it.

My ghost is my Great Great Great Grandfather and he is my first ever ghost, so I would be really surprised if I was a Keeper of the Dead! Which leaves loved one or past life.... He really was a formidable man, a soldier in the Crimean and Indian Mutiny, then a Prison Warder, then a storeskeeper well into his 70s. He seems to want to be remembered and to be absolved of the awful things he did.

It is those awful things that have been haunting my dreams - not clearly so that the story is completely different but the disturbing image he feels guilt for is embedded in the dream. I think he needs another blog post....

Wheelkeeper said...

Rose, If you are interested in helping your grandfather, maybe you could talk about him on the facebook site or have a journal dedicated to him? Talking about him will help to see what he needs and how to help him. Doing research on his life also helps. Getting his story is the first step.

He could be staying behind as a guide or protector for you, but he also needs to work through his unresolve. Sounds like he is living the nightmare of guilt. No one can absolve him but himself. Many ghosts just need some guidance as to how to do that.

Rose said...

Hey MaryRose

I have a tendancy to get a little wordy so when I am rambling about things, like I am with my Great x3 Grandfather it's probably best I keep them off the FB site! At least until I have something specific to say... I have been writing about him on my blog (which I use like a journal) I wrote what I know of his story in this post http://gryphongoyle.blogspot.com/2012/02/j-donald.html

I shall keep asking questions and thinking and working at it till I get there! I just ordered a book - the journals of a lady who accompanied her husband to both the Crimean War and Indian Mutiny to learn more about the conflicts he fought in. The writer also sounds like a very interesting lady!

Jackie said...

Hello MaryRose,

Thank you for your response, first allow me too apologize! Holy Mackerel! Of course I know your name is MaryRose, lol. I was speaking about Mary Ann Winkowski and I mis-spoke. Please forgive my lapse. It just goes to show, even someone as awesome as I can make the occasional rare blunder.

It is interesting that you say not many ppl believe in ghosts. Is this your experience in Canada?
Perhaps it is the circles I travel in. Just a respectful query.

Thank you once again for sharing your knowledge with us.

Wheelkeeper said...

Thanks for sharing your blog Rose. I will go and read it when I have time and can be fully present to it.

Jackie... no worries, just didn't want you to go on calling me someone else...lol...

As for people not believing in ghosts, I am looking at the majority of the population. The people I spend time with usually do believe and have their own experiences. I also think many don't even like to think about ghosts, or admit they believe....

There seems to be fear and denial associated with the supernatural. I believe this is due to ignorance and lack of proper teachings.


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