Monday, March 5, 2012

So What about 2012?

2012 is upon us and I wonder what people are living in relationship to the shift that we are supposed to be in? There was a lot of talk about it in previous years and now almost nothing........ 

Is it the calm before the storm, the eye of the hurricane or what? Or do people really believe it all happens on one day 12/21/12. Something of this magnitude doesn't just explode on one day and then is over. It builds for years and climaxes then we are left trying to figure out what happened. 

Yes, the external changes are dramatic in many parts of the world. But do we realize that the earthquakes, tornadoes and shifts are also in our personal lives and inner existence.

For me, there is a lot of mixed experiences. I can go through what seems like 10 days in one. It seems that things can be chaotic and then calm, even boring the next minute. My dreams are deep and full and I wake up exhausted most mornings, as if I had been really busy all night.

I feel tired then exhilarated, bored then overwhelmed with so much busyness. I procrastinate then rush to get things done. If I was not observing myself, my dreams and living experiences, I would say that not much is happening, that's how subtle it can be. 

Then there are other strange encounters, strange people popping out of the woodwork, like caricatures from a cartoon or characters from a movie. I find myself intrigued and wondering... then I find out others, especially Shamans and Shaman Initiates are experiencing something similar.  That shows me that these events are collective, it is the dreaming bringing us a collective dream with lessons to be learned, stories to be shared.

It is in sharing our dreams and experiences that we find common ground. Community is so important right now. In our Western world, we are taught to be independent, co-dependent, but not inter-dependent. We have been programmed to want, want, want... to want more possessions, to want the perfect romantic relationship, the perfect job, etc, etc... and we get further and further away from nature and sacredness. We get overwhelmed with all the choices in a day, the multitude of tasks, the excess of information.... It is challenging to pick and choose. We seem to have the stress of too many choices. 

The other day my sister spend four hours in a tornado safe room in Kentucky. I didn't know until after. She could have been killed or her home destroyed like so many others in Kansas and Kentucky, what they call Tornado Alley. The thought of anything happening to her gave me the chills.

Then we get news from some of our community members in Ohio of a mass shooting by a teenager.

One day we are here, the next we are gone. Life is fragile, precious and not to be wasted. We never know what is around the next corner. Contemplating death makes me appreciate life so much more. I give thanks for my life and the journey that brought me to my path, my medicine and my community. 



Rose said...

Life is fragile for sure... I have noticed changes. Things seem to be opening up. I discuss dreams with my colleagues and they tell me of any interesting ones they have. A new public space is being opened near me and in it they have put a botanical garden full of fairies and piskies as well as a totem circle which they suggest people might like to dance around... Ten years ago neither of these things would ever have happened. And there are so many other things happening too.

Wheelkeeper said...

Wow, that is great to hear Rose. It is true that a lot of good things are happening, people open up to spirits, fairies, Medicine Wheels.... It will be interesting to see where things go in the next decade or so.

We are in the Grandmother Clan era for the next 2000 years, so you can expect all kinds of eccentric behaviour and rituals coming back.


Michelle said...

Ive been working with a wheel that I laid down when i got back from Montreal committing to it feeding it every day its helped to ground me in the caos of my days. i find at work its like things are on upside down mode then slow motion then fast forward. I am finding I need more moments where I can just sit and breathe. I think this whole year is important not just one moment and what we do daily is going to impact the outcome. Lots of full dreams that keep spinning more stories it does seem to be building. My kids are even doing their own little rituals its nice to see the freedom they are in to express themselves i think as adults we need to have this type of abandon and go with what feels right. Loved the Blog MaryRose!

Wheelkeeper said...

Thanks for your input Michelle. Its good to hear you are using the wheel daily to ground. I am feeling the need for that too with so much chaos abounding as you said...

I like what you wrote here.....
"I think this whole year is important not just one moment and what we do daily is going to impact the outcome".

It is our responses to life's challenges that determines our direction in life. We can choose to resist, deny, avoid... or accept our lessons with humility and do our work to bring balance to our personal wheels.

In the end, those who have done their work will receive the benefits.


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