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On the Medicine Wheel, we have 4 Directions, also known as Anchors, Roles or Winds.
They are...
1. Visionary in the East
2. Warrior in South
3. Dreamer in the West
4. Healer in the North

Each Anchor has three Elements or qualities that help us anchor that particular Wind. The Elements are small stepping stones that lead from the Anchor into the Center of the Wheel.
These are the steps we take to get to the Dreaming.

CLARITY is the First element of the Visionary anchor in the East. It is located on the outer loop of consciousness, the Conscious loop. 

The Visionary is about looking forward, making plans, knowing where you are going and organizing things, people and events. The Medicine Wheel follows natures laws and teaches us how to create, to manifest, to achieve abundance and wholeness. If we follow the simple steps life flows smoothly. 

The elements of the Visionary -  Clarity, Knowledge and Illumination -  show us how to use these as TOOLS to anchor the Vision.

The process of Creation is so simple when you have the Wheel to guide you. When we don't start our wheels with clarity, we end up going through the experience confused, in darkness and ignorance. If we are not clear of our intentions or motives for doing things, we are acting unconsciously and then we wonder why things don't work out the way we want.

CLARITY doesn't mean that we have to know everything, it just means we have to be clear of the direction we are going in at the time. If we are sure of our intentions, the desires that lead us towards something, clear what it is that we want, we can manifest a good future for ourselves. If we work with Creator and Creation, we become co-creators in our lives. 

The Visionary is about receiving a vision that is bigger than us. Visions are not something you force, you open a space to receive them. Vision quest are meant to do just that. By fasting and praying, and asking for guidance, we are opening ourselves to the flow of the Universe around us.

Once we get a clear vision, we can go forward with confidence, enthusiasm and motivation.The vision can be as simple as what you want to do that morning or something bigger, like life direction or career.

Years ago I had a vision of traveling and teaching workshops on the Medicine Wheel. I was clear that I wanted to be in service to the Wheel, to Creator and the Ancestors. I had to wait patiently for the time to be right. I had to gain knowledge (the second element) of the Sacred Circle, learn from my Teacher and do my seven years of Initiation as a Keeper of the Wheel. 

I had to let the illumination (third element) come. 
(Illumination is that aha moment when you know "that's it!")

Then.... I had to LET IT ALL GO! 

Once I had the vision and was clear what I wanted - the Universe brought me the experiences I needed to get to the place where I was ready. We need to go on with our life, trusting that the wheel is in motion.

One step at a time... one stone at a time....


Michelle said...

Beautiful blog MaryRose definitely helps when setting intention and moving in our wheels.

Rose said...

I had thought that the Spirit Path stones were the route to our Centre. It never occurred to me that they were a pathway from us to grow in to our Roles too. So what are the pathways to the other Winds? Do they have two pathways? So Nomad has the Love-Trust-Growth and Breaking Masks-Surrender-Inter relations?

Does the position of our individual Roles reflect our own personal pathways? So with Nomad in the South Love-Trust-Growth would be my path and the pathway to my Firekeeper in the North would be Metamorphosis-Himility-Reason?

I love your posts - they always make me think and question!

Wheelkeeper said...

Hi Rose, I love questions! The elements can be viewed in many ways. No they don't have two pathways. The midwinds don't have elements leading to the center, but they are connected to the moons in the quadrant like you said.. Nomad is related to inter-relations, surrender and breaking masks. The Nomad also connects to the Elk gate.

With Nomad in the south of your personal wheel those elements (trust, growth, love) would be a big factor in your life lessons. Nomad shows that you deal with life challenges by bringing change, making connections. All south roles use the elements to work with.

Firekeeper or any role in the north would use the elements of renewal, purification and wisdom.

The Moons are are another story. When we journey with the Moons, the ones that are on the part of the wheel we are on will pop up for sure.

I hope that helps answer your questions.

Rose said...

I also have Initiator in the East and Peacekeeper in the West so all all my Elements have cross winds! So would that mean I draw on all the Moons and all the Spirit Paths for this lifes lessons? This feels like a lot!

Not even really begun getting to grips with the Gates yet but I like that they link to the Winds.

So what about the Wind that sits in our Centre? What does that draw upon and how does it inter-relate to the rest of the Wheel? I have Dreamer.

I am so glad you like questions! *laugh*

Wheelkeeper said...

Peacekeeper and Initiator are Crosswinds, they bring change and movement, unlike anchors which help to ground us.

The wind you have in the center is your forever role, it chooses all the other ones. Don't focus so much on the relationships between the winds, moon and elements just yet, it gets too complicated. Just explore the individual roles as they are, there is lots to learn just from that. You can also learn the totems for each role. Keep it simple.

Rose said...

Thank you MaryRose! I do have a tendancy to like to dig away at things a little too much sometimes. I am working at my Wind Totems but my Moon Totems are definately taking precedence. I seem to have a nice little sequence going now and with each Moon we journey through, it's totem animal calls in to visit in some way.

I know I have Crow in the Centre and that Magpie and Herring Gull sit somewhere but that is as far as it gets. I know that Magpie is the totem of my heart while Crow is who I am. Maybe after the Blue Moon my dreaming will start looking at other parts of the Wheel...

Thank you again....

Wheelkeeper said...

That is a lot of bird totems Rose!!!

It is good to learn your totems, but be sure to journey with them individually. Don't be in a hurry to know them all, go deep with each one.

Rose said...

I know I seem to be very birdy... I have a couple more with my Moons too. I found this an interesting coincidence - my Astrological chart is very much Air based too.

I have known about Magpie, Crow and Gullf or a long time, before I found the Wheel. I spend quite a bit of time with some of my totems. I put food out at lunchtimes and watch the Crows and Magpies and Jackdaws and sometimes Gulls and Rabbits. Not enough that they become dependant though, given their size...

I admit some of my Moon Totems have not had so much depth and love but I figure each time I circle through the Moons I will revisit each one?

Wheelkeeper said...

Yes for sure you will visit each Moon over and over again when you cycle through them. But they can pop up at any given time. Some situations will bring them out. For example, if you walk into a new situation, your Moon of Welcoming will be present and wanting to be welcomed.

Remember, we also cycle through the Moons every Month collectively. We are all in the Moon of Territoriality right now and going into the Moon of Inter-relations with the upcoming Moon.

We are usually working a few stones on our personal wheels at a time. The thing is to be present to what is going on inwardly and outwardly.

Gypsymoon said...

I love when your blogs are teaching informative posts. I have no questions but wanted to let you know I will be returning to this post when I do wonder. You have been blogging lots and find I am behind in your post..... off to read the next.

Wheelkeeper said...

I am open to any questions you may have and may answer them in a blog as well.

Wheelkeeper said...

Do I know you Gypsy Moon? I love your image of the woman with the lion!

Rose said...

Thank you very much MaryRose!


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