Sunday, July 1, 2012


Wolves and other animals mark their territory to tell others that this is their space. Humans aren't much different than these animals. We also have ways to state our boundaries, our territory. It could be with words, with gestures or other means by which we let others know this is OURS!

As this Moon of Territoriality comes to a close, there is lots to reflect upon. This year, 2012, everything is magnified 1000 times over. This Moon is no exception.

This past month I went traveling to Southern Alberta, exploring new Territories. I facilitated 3 workshops in one week, with the help of two assistants. We stayed with our hosts in each place and were welcomed into their spaces. 

One host was a little reluctant. We were to do the wheel outside in her yard, but the Thunderbeings had other ideas. There has been lots of rain, more than usual lately. So we "invaded" her house. "You're bringing the stones IN HERE"? She was not thrilled at the idea. Her husband ran out the back door as we came in - but he returned shortly. I took his hands in mine and said, "I know you feel invaded, but believe me, you, your home and family will benefit from the Wheel". He joined us and was happy that he did. At the end of the evening, he got a phone call saying his car was sold. He had been trying to sell it for a year! Our hosts were very happy in the end to receive the blessings of the Sacred Circle in their home!The next day we went back to put down a permanent outdoor wheel in their yard.

In another home, we were set up nicely with comfy mattresses on the floor. But that night we felt shadowy figures flying around and had to get up to do some clearing before we could sleep. People who do healing often don't understand how to clear the energies that their clients leave behind.

Then in Sundre, we got a wonderful heartfelt welcoming. We stayed with Linda's Mother, who is 77. She hugged us like we were her own family and wouldn't let us cook or clean. We also met Linda's siblings, who were all very welcoming. We took her out to dinner, and sneakily cleaned up before we left!

The other place we stayed was again different, but also welcoming. We were offered our own little trailer at a campground at Gull Lake, by people we never met. They were friends of our host. We were welcomed by the Spirits of the Land where we did an outdoor wheel. Even the Thunderbeings held back the rain for us!

The other thing this Moon has shown me is how we can change. In the past, Shamans had their own tribe and territory. Today, they are living together in one community. It is a challenge sometimes. Imagine two or three Alpha wolves in one pack. But if we are to survive, we must work together, support one another, and learn from each other. We can't afford these days to fight amongst each other. Our Mother Earth needs us right now. We have to work together for a common cause.We have to share our spaces.

Other times, I stepped onto someone's territory before asking permission and people got upset. They were quick to set the boundaries and I stepped back respectfully.There is always more to every story, 36 perspectives, and in every situation there is always lots to learn. We have to take into account the cosmological and natural influences at the time. Besides the Moon of Territory, we were also in the Initiator Wind and now we moved into the Peacekeeper Wind. But still, if I want people to respect my space, I have to respect the space of others. It is good to consider who owns what before taking action. Whose space am I in? Who is in my space? Where are the boundaries? How would I feel if someone stepped onto my land or site and took over without consulting me?

The lessons never stop coming. We just need to be able to be open to learning. The Moons are always about inner children and emotions. At least until we mature on an emotional level. Then they become about power, medicine and the wisdom of the Grandmothers.

This Moon combined with the Initiator Wind and now the Peacekeeper Wind was intense. It makes me want to go and hide my head in the sand until 2012 if over!!! But once a wheel is started, I have to see it through. And some wheels take longer than others. We have to ride the Winds and Moons this year through all the chaos and upheaval that change brings. The Magnetic force of the Earth is changing, the solar flares of the Sun are intensifying. Heaven and Earth are in flux right now and like it says in the Tarot card #10, the Wheel of Fortune... "Round and round it goes, and where it stops, nobody knows!).

Next Moon coming up on July 3rd is INTER-RELATIONS. That day the Moon is in Capricorn for those who know Astrology. Capricorn is about discipline, hard work and your place in society. Relationships are definitely hard work.

Mars goes into Libra the same day as the Full Moon, which is a blessing. 
Libra is all about relationships, and will soften the aggressive Mars, warlike energy.

Happy Full Moon!


WampumBlueRaven said...

I was a challenging month... for my as well.
Urinating -to make you territory - as acually been proposed to us... this month - in order to keep the neighbors out of our yard-by a women who came to the drumming circle. LOL
regardless-one lesson I will take away this month is the vital importance of consitancy - when placing bounderies.

Like the astrology links you posted.

Wheelkeeper said...

lol... that's funny WBR. I guess the drumming called to many people. Did you welcome them in, what were their intentions in coming in your yard while you were drumming.

I am a professional astrologer as well as Keeper of the Wheel... Keeper of the great Wheel in the sky!

Rose said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time!


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