Sunday, July 1, 2012


I'm on a roll... 2 posts in one day....

I hear people say these words so often that I think it must be the mantra for our times. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against having fun, but it seems to be the focus, the goal these days. TV magazines and movies show us all the good things we could be doing, the great clothes, cosmetics, cars, homes etc.. we could have to make our lives more enjoyable. We are programmed to want more, to do more, to have more… fun. If we are not having fun, we think something is wrong with us. It seems that we need more and more stimulus all the time.

There is a time to have fun and a time to get down to work. This year is the most significant time in 8000 years according to our Ancestors. Right now the veil between the worlds is lifted and we can connect with the dreaming, the Ancestors and other realms. Yet everyone is too busy having fun, playing video games, going to movies, having parties or watching TV.

What is wrong with a quiet walk in the woods or a moment spent sitting under a tree? My head is so busy sometimes I want to scream. There is too much noise and busyness in our world today. We move so fast that we don’t see or hear the natural world around us. Being hypersensitive to all the busyness makes me want to hide out in the mountains. Technology is a great thing, I wouldn’t be writing this blog if not for computers. But let’s be honest – technology which was supposed to serve us has become a monster. We are now serving machines!!!! 

How many of you out there have a cell phone, a TV, a car, a VCR or equivalent thereof? How many hours a day do you spend with technology? Sure it’s fun, but how much is too much?
 In Aboriginal tradition, we celebrate when there is something worthy to celebrate, when there is an accomplishment of some sort. We don’t set obligatory random days aside to celebrate something that has nothing to do with anything. It is true that people need a break from their jobs, to spend time at home with their families the way the workaday world is today. But there is much more going on above and beyond our daily lives. 

This year 2012 is HUGE! I can’t say this often enough. For those of us who want to get somewhere, to take advantage of the immense opportunity to evolve, to grow and heal – this is the year to work our butts off! All the forces of heaven and Earth are behind us. The doors to the Dreaming are open. The Ancestors sit and wait for us to come knocking. But no one cares. It is a bitter irony at this time when the veil is thinnest that consciousness is lowest.

Yes, I know that the New Age philosophy says that we are becoming more evolved, more conscious, but are we really? Do we really see and hear the signs and messages in the Winds, the Moons, from Spirit, from Mother Earth better than our Ancestors did?

I can’t say I am there yet myself, and until I am, my focus in life is to get to the point of consciousness where I can walk in sacredness, balance and consciousness, with Spirit and the Ancestors who have the wisdom we need today to care for the Earth.  If I have fun along the way, great! 

If we make happiness our goal, true happiness has to be earned by doing our personal work. We can enjoy superficial or temporary happiness, but in the end, I am looking for eternal bliss, not a quick fix. 
My teacher once said that if we want to get to paradise, there is a lot of work to do. And we need Elders, Shamans, Medicine People and Guides to help us. We have all lost our way. We may complain and argue and get angry at our teachers who push us, but if we could only see what they see, know what they know.

We are all out of balance today, If we just go along as if everything is fine, we are fooling ourselves. We have become numb to the garbage on the streets, to the violence around us, to the constant buzzing of technology, to the poison in our food, air and water, to the loss of hundreds of species of plants and animals and so much more… 

In our Tradition, it is the Shaman who has to carry the burden of the imbalance in their bodies. They are the ones who restore balance. But today we don’t have enough Shamans. They are either persecuted or they die of terrible illnesses because the imbalances are too much to bear. If everyone did their part to restore balance in themselves, then it would help the Shaman and Mother Earth.

Does anyone even know what it means to be balanced?

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