Sunday, July 15, 2012

Moon of Inter-Relations

All the Moons this past year have been extra strong... due to the effects of the upcoming Blue Moon which occurs on August 31, 2012.

This Moon is combined with the Wind of the Peacekeeper, so don't be surprised if you have been immersed in conflicts since the last Full Moon. The Peacekeeper Wind will bloat potential conflicts, bringing what needs to be addressed to your awareness, so you can find resolutions.

The Moon of Inter-Relations is about the 7 year old. This is when we started wanting to have friends, to be in relationship with people, animals and nature. If we were nourished in this desire as a child, we will be able to connect easily with others.

These past few weeks, I found myself seeking out relationships with people I haven't contacted for quite awhile, looking at who I value in my life and want to stay connected with. My dreams also showed me disconnecting from those who I don't want in my life, those who don't support me on my path or those who I am not compatible with.

Sometimes this Moon is about breaking connections. This can be done in a functional or dysfunctional manner as well. Many people today seem to need conflict in order to separate. The Medicine Wheel teaches us how to end a circle (relationship, project, job, etc) with wisdom and gratitude.

We cycle through the Moons every 13 years in our life. So we have plenty of chances to work on each one. We also move through the Moons collectively in a year. So right now, all of us are in the 7th Moon of Relationships. If this is also your personal Moon year, the theme of relationships will be enhanced for you even more this month.

My 7th Moon used to be a Mouse. I always wondered why I got quiet and mousy when with a group of people. I found myself being prey to many who were seeking to find their power. Most went about it in a dysfunctional manner and I was dysfunctional in my prey as well. So I ended up with a traumatized 7 year old that I had to work hard to heal. It took a long time but now my mouse has been transformed into a coyote. I now have become the predator. Having experienced the down side of prey, I am much more aware and responsible in the predator mode. I am predator to shadow and imbalances in and around me. I also see how the prey is there to help me find my power.

In our Moonlodge, I asked the Women to go inside and be in relationship with themselves. Everyone has heard the phrase, "We can be our best friend or worst enemy". But how many of us take time to sit with ourselves and really listen to all our bodies. At the Moonlodge, we sat in silence for ten minutes, each going inside and observing our physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and dreaming bodies. It was a very revealing exercise. I suggest everyone to do this on a daily basis. 

Once we center ourselves in our own personal Wheel, then we can be in relationship with others in a grounded, conscious, balanced manner. This Moon is opposite to the first Moon of Welcoming. We can find balance between self and others by welcoming them into our sacred space and respecting their sacred space as well. This sounds simple, but takes a lot of consciousness and discipline to do.

This Moon is the time to look at how we feel and act in relationship to others. In Shamanism, we say that animals, trees, plants, etc.  are all our "Kin". This Moon could be the most important of all when it comes to how we treat our environment, Mother Earth and all our Relations.

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