Monday, July 23, 2012


The FIREKEEPER wind blew in with a passion this New Moon. Firekeeper is all about fire, passion, vitality, desire.... Even the storms are showing the passion of nature with the lightning, thunder, tornadoes, etc...

Those who have Firekeeper as a main Role on their Wheels have lots of vitality and spark. They are optimistic, spontaneous, enthusiastic and have great ideas, but are not always good with following through on them (unless they have another more grounded Role on their Wheel).  That is because Firekeeper is a Mid-Wind, not an Anchor. It is situated in the Northeast of the Wheel, where the Wheel begins. That says a lot about Firekeeper. Fire is the essential element of LIFE and BIRTH! We are conceived in Passion after all!

As a Wind, Firekeeper brings us hope, vitality, optimism and energy to get things done. This year 2012, the Firekeeper is stronger than usual as are all the Winds. Together with the Moon of INTER-RELATIONS, as you might guess... sexuality is high as well, so make the most of it!!!

Of course we always want to look for balance in all our Roles. Those with a strong Firekeeper as a Role might have to work to stay grounded and balanced. They can be filled with unrealistic illusions, passions and desires or even prone to manic episodes when at extreme imbalance.

In Catholicism, they talk of the PASSION OF CHRIST... referring to his crucifixion. In Buddhism passion or desire is something to overcome, to detach from in order to become enlightened. 

In Shamanism, we use our desires to dive into experience so we may learn, heal and grow. We don’t judge our desires. We allow ourselves to live them until we don’t need to anymore. At some point we become free of desire naturally. But meanwhile, we live life to the fullest and end up with a basket full of wisdom based on first hand experiences. The same goes for illusions. We need illusions, desires, wishes, hopes, intentions, vows, etc... in order to step into incarnation, into experience. This is what starts the Wheel of Life moving.

Once the Sacred Fire of desire is lit, we can then work with the Visionary anchor to ground the Wish. It is good to be conscious of our intentions behind our visions. Most often we come from our fears, insecurities, ego or selfishness. But if we align our personal will with Creator’s will ( the Dreaming, Spirit, your Higher Power, God), then we can create magic! Did I mention that Firekeepers believe in magic? 

In Shamanism, we know that if we follow the Dreaming, we will find healing and growth, abundance and prosperity. I can say that for a fact after 20 years on this path.  And it all starts with the Firekeeper.

This month... I am finding myself feeling the collective desires and cravings. This can be the shadow side of the Firekeeper. It is interesting to see myself wanting to eat when I am not hungry as if I want more, more, more... even when I am full. The Buddhists call this the Hungry Ghost syndrome. It basically means that we are always looking to fill the emptiness inside with more possessions, food etc.... When I am conscious that I am feeling the collective, it is easier to make healthy choices, but the pull is strong.

If we want to make the most of this Wind, we can use the energy and vitality it brings to get things done. I am finding myself doing all the little projects left hanging the past little while, like cleaning out my garage... but I also need to make sure I get enough rest, because I can burn myself out real quick. It takes discipline to manage FIRE energy.

At out MW circle on Saturday, we did some art to honor the creative energy of the Firekeeper. We all have a spark of the Divine in us and creativity brings us closer to Creator. It was amazing to see how the act of creativity helped us all to ground, center and balance ourselves! 

So take time this month to focus on some creative projects. Use this wind to renew your faith in life, in art, dance, music... any creative projects that may have been put aside. This includes bringing vitality to your love relationships! And be aware of the impulsiveness, cravings, desires that are out of balance. This shows us where we need to do our work.

If you are reading this, please take a moment to give back by leaving a comment, sharing your experiences related to this topic or asking questions. Your input helps to make this a Sacred Circle experience. Thanks for reading and posting!!!

*** The photo is of my son EA who is a Fire Dancer. 

P.S. July 24, 2012
Impulsiveness is another trait of the Firekeeper... impulsive buying for one thing. I find myself having to restrain from overspending! 


Rose said...

I am really loving this current Wind, I have Firekeeper on my Wheel too. But right now I am feeling well enough for the first time in a very long time, to really enjoy this energy.

Wheelkeeper said...

Hi Rose,

I love the energy of this wind as well. But it can be hard to discipline the energy. I was watching the Olympics on TV today and the commentator said that it was a challenge for the female gymnasts to find the balance between power and control. Many of them had too much energy and couldn't contain it. They ended up falling or going out of the boundaries of the mat.

I was amazed at their agility and strength under pressure. They are amazing to be able to use that fire energy so well. If they only knew that this year the Winds and Moons are stronger than ever due to the 2012 Blue Moon influence, that they would be more prepared to deal with the energies.

Thanks for posting your comments! I would love to hear how others are experiencing this Wind.

Wheelkeeper said...

I was wondering when you said you are feeling well for the first time in a long time, what it is about the Firekeeper that is helping you out at this time?

Rose said...

I have Firekeeper in the North of my wheel but I have found this a strange wind to get into because passion and fire and energy are things I have been lacking in my life for years. It took a lot of careful thought to see any sign of this in me. At least that was until my medication started to take affect - just as Firekeeper blew in to town...

A lovely piece of synchronicity, that just as I get my fire back, here is Firekeeper to show me that I truly am a Firekeeper.

I am not sure help is the right word, I am just reveling in it! But I have to remember that like any new flames, they have to be tended and sometimes if they burn to quick they can go out.

At work I had the idea of how to do a sweepstake based on Team GB medals for the Olympics and Firekeeper helped me to do it and 60 people signed up for it, most of the whole factory. Even if I had had the thought a couple of months ago, I would not have had the energy to do it...

MaryRose Lessoway said...

The role in the North of our Wheels does not really manifest much in our lives, it is there to guide and counsel us. But this year it seems all everything is being blown wide open, nothing is the same and the rules just don't apply in the same way. It is good that you got a chance to experience your Firekeeper at this time. What a great synchronicity having it kick in with the timing of your meds.

The North role also does apply in your later years... not sure how old you are....

I am finding myself having trouble at times containing this energy, its too much for my body to handle sometimes... I have to consciously sit down and breath and relax.

Gypsymoon said...

I get whats going on with me now!! My firekeeper is still out of balance. I find all I want to do these days is eat and sleep away my life. I am depressed and feeling completely out of sync, yet I have no motivation to change whats going on within me. Even big life changes like my very beloved boyfriend moving in with me after living apart for months in different provinces hasn't ignited my healthy passions for life. I forget MaryRose what it was you had me do last time to balance this. I never light candles anymore, could I have doused this energy too much now and am sitting on the other side of the pendulum?

Rose said...

Thanks MaryRose! I didn't realise that the wind in your North grows stronger as you move into the North, but that makes sense. I am 35 so I don't think I qualify as an Elder yet but maybe as I get closer I will this wind blowing more frequently through my life.

Do the other Winds also blow more strongly in your life when you are that point in the Wheel of your life as well?

I can well understand how you have to consciously sit and breath through this energy right now. Not sure what wind we are going in to next but I feel like this is the calm before the storm, a brief lull.... Something... I feel quite quiet.


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