Monday, March 29, 2010


This Moon has many aspects to it... as I get older, I find my Moon of Drama becoming more mellow. I look at the younger people with curiosity to see the dramas that they are living and am reminded of where I once was. I feel like a different species then them sometimes. I feel more relaxed, less inclined to do things and more inclined to just be. I liked being in the midst of drama back then, I miss it sometimes, but I find that I don't have the desire or energy anymore to tackle the challenges and intensity of living life at full tilt. I find that I am more satisfied with simple things, simple tasks and doing less. I have facilitated and participated in creativity workshops, role play, drama improv and more. I used to love to dress up in costumes. Halloween was my favorite time of year, because I could become anyone I wanted to be. I got to act out different fragments of my inner community.

But then I have been around the Moon wheel five times now.And I am content to sit back and watch others, to listen and learn by watching and hearing what they are living. Not to say that I don't have excitement and adventure in my life. I just don't need it as much anymore. This is new to me, very new in fact. It is something I just came to realize the past few days. I was feeling depressed and bored and lonely.... but then I just sat and looked at where I am, where I've been and where I am going. I realized that I don't have a vision for my future and that was what was making me unhappy. I seemed to be very future oriented in the past. But I realized that the future is NOW.  If I want to create something, I need to do it now. What I want is not external, but internal.... happiness and peace. So I decided to be happy with where I am now, enjoy what I have and what I am living, because each moment is an opportunity to choose happiness. 

In our Woman's  Circle on Saturday, I asked the group to think about whom they admire, who is their "Hero/Heroine". In the past when I did this exercise with my Teacher, I discovered that my hero was the Shaman.  That made sense seeing as I am Keeper of the Shaman.

This time, my older sister comes to mind. She is 8 years older than me, the eldest of 8 children. I admire how she loves everyone and treats everyone with love and respect. She is rich, yet she is humble... I will find her taking out the garbage or cleaning the bathroom. She loves life in spite of all her hardships and challenges,. And she is always thinking of others and letting them know that they are important. Everyone loves her because she loves everyone.

I could go on and on... but the point is that who or what we admire shows us who we are inside or who we want to be. The person, plants, animals, superheroes or humans... that we admire are showing us something about ourselves. 

I can't say that I am anywhere near as loving of life and of everyone and everything as much as my sister is, but I can see that I have the potential to be like her. 

The 3 year old will mimic what they find beautiful, and in doing so, they become like the person or thing they admire.

Happy Moon of Drama everyone!  I hope that this month is a pleasurable experience for you and that you feel free to express who you are or where you are at in your fullest.  May we all find happiness and be balanced in our Moons.



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