Monday, March 15, 2010


The Warrior Wind has blown in on the New Moon today, March 15th...  and it is challenging us to see, hear, speak and live Truth. 

At our New Moon Circle on Saturday, I heard a group of strong Warrior Women speaking openly and honestly, sharing their stories of their struggles and issues with humility and openness. A sacred circle is a safe space to share, be heard and find common ground with others. We give and receive love, support and feedback, and yes, even hard truths are given and received. I am always impressed at how well the newcomers fit in. It seems that the magnetism of the wheel attracts those who are seeking truth and healing. 

It takes humility to hear the truth about ourselves when we would rather be in our illusions and dysfunctional patterns. Our egos are resistant to change and we don't always like to be seen as imperfect. Our western and christian programs make us feel guilt and shame for our so called "sins".  That is why I love this path, there is no right or wrong, no judgments, no guilt, shame, regret or jealousy... there are only lessons and learning to be the divinity that we are deep inside. 
At the circle we laid down the wheel according to our stories and I added pebbles to each stone that represented a theme that was repeated by different people. The wheel grew and became even more "alive" than ever with the additions made. 
The Medicine wheel circles continue to evolve as we all grow and open to the natural forces that guide us.

Last night I had a dream that showed me in a place where there was no social order... people slept on mats and blankets in building, went where they wanted and no one telling them who to be or what to do. One man tried to impose rules on the seeming chaos or disorder.... but no one listened. Then I heard a voice saying.... "Following laws based on the NATURAL ORDER OF THINGS, not imposed rules".

I felt a shift inside of me as I let go of ingrained social programs, western linear thinking and the need to control myself and the world around me.  




Cougar-D said...

Beautiful picture of the wheel. It sure was alive..could feel it! Your blog brings up the question of what are natural laws?

How do we know when we are trying to impose as opposed to following natural laws?

Wheelkeeper said...

Natural Laws are the laws of nature... such as the cycles of the seasons, day and night, predator and prey, action and consequences.... I could go on and on... the wheel shows us those laws. When we try to force the wheel, to change time as humans have done with the western calender, for example, we are imposing on nature;s natural rhythms. This is a great topic for discussion on our community site.

Wheelkeeper said...

Humans do try to impose themselves upon nature. Mother will let them get away with it to a point... but in the end, Nature was here before us and will be here long after we are gone.

It takes practice to learn how to observe natural laws. I can't say that I am adept at it by all means. but I try to be on a daily basis.


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