Tuesday, April 20, 2010


This evening I went with a friend to Saskatoon Mountain.. to visit the spot where we did our Blue Moon ceremony at a campsite with a firepit. We had left the four anchor stones in the trees, spreading them out to expand the circle and hide them, to see if we could keep the wheel alive and how it would affect the campsite. 

When we arrived a middle-aged man was sitting at the concrete picnic table, facing the fire pit. A bike lay beside him.  We had come to bury a Raven that my friend,who has Raven medicine and is a Deboner, found lying on the street next to where I live. 

We discovered that the wheel was still intact and still active when I tested it with my pendulum. One stone had different energy and we saw that it was because there was another large stone right beside it. We did our Blue Moon ceremony on New Years eve, so the snow had hidden the other stone. We moved it to where he had buried the Raven... and the pendulum showed the north stone was okay now.

Then we visited the sacred site.The first time I went there, I was alone, a few years ago... it was at the guidance of my Spirit guides and a calling to find a sacred Medicine Wheel Circle site.  

When I got there, I saw an Eagle spiraling on the wind. It was so mesmerizing to watch! Then he slowly moved Westward and I followed... This led me right to the sacred site I was looking for.  But it was littered with beer cans and broken glass. I had a bag and cleaned it all up. Then I  drummed and smudged the area, took out my Shaman Crystal and prayed. I was gifted with the image of our ancestors dancing around the fire in a sacred ceremony. I cried so hard I could barely breath, and I had to leave because I couldn't stop. It was too painful to feel the desecration of such a sacred place. I realized that I was feeling the Shaman's pain. I realized how far some humans have come from sacredness in this world and how the Shaman energy feels so much.I left feeling angry at having to go to such hard places, why didn't I stay up where the Eagle was? But then a Raven came and I knew that I had been asked to heal the land and that was a good thing, as hard as it was. I was in my Role as Keeper of the Wheel and walking the path of the ancestors.  I knew that they were happy that I prayed and drummed there, opening it up for sacredness once more. The place felt cleansed. I also knew that I had to return three more times. 

Today was my forth visit  and the first time I came with a friend. Finding beer cans  there again was very disappointing. We didn't have any bags this time to pick up the garbage. But I knew I would return to clean it up as often as I could.

We walked around the fringes of the circle and up on a small ridge to the east of the circle area. The energy felt untouched there somehow... and I had a sense of the Ancestors coming through the forest, along the ridge from the east to enter the sacred circle... and of scouts or guards standing there watch over the ceremonies.

While we sat under some trees to the west of the circle, the sun was sinking lower on the horizon. We heard coyotes yapping and howling. I had passed the Coyote gate on the Blue Moon, so it was relevant to me to hear them.  I knew that I have more to learn about coyote medicine.

They started up just as a helicopter carrying a large barrel on a long string passed overhead. Helicopters are on the North of the wheel and  I felt that it was a sign that I had completed my commitment to return to the mountain four times. 

We noticed that the helicopter was carrying a huge container of water and chemicals on a long line. It was to put out a forest fire somewhere. This been an extremely dry spring, the driest on record...  and the earth is parched. Again a sign of the times.

As we got in the truck and drove down the mountain road, we were stopped by three moose, two females and a calf blocking our way. They moved to the side and we sat and looked at them and they looked back at us, totally calm and so beautiful! At the same time Frogs sang their sunset song in the background.  

My friend has Moose medicine so he was happy. Frogs are about survival and cleansing. I thought of how the Earth changes are upon us and the drought that we are experiencing and wondered if the Frogs would survive in the years to come.

In all though, it was a wonderful and healing experience to connect with nature, the trees, the animals, the wheel and the ancestors.  We are blessed to have such places around and I pray that we all use them with respect and consciousness. 

The photo at the top is of a sacred meadow at Crystal lake.. I will have to get a photo of the mountain next time I go....

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